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Bullying knows no age limit

Schoolyard thugs who prey on weaker or vulnerable classmates may grow up, but they don’t go away – even when their hair turns gray, experts say.

Valentine’s Day: Dating in the ‘age of ambiguity’

If it looks like a relationship, and it feels like a relationship, Sarah Millett has learned, it does not necessarily mean it’s a relationship.

Valentine’s Day: 10 ways to keep the spark beyond Feb. 14

Expressing your love shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions like Valentine’s Day. It should be a constant in your relationship – and that means doing more than just repeating the “three little words.” Here are some tips to get you started.

Valentine’s Day: How to fix up your online dating profile

The worst kind of online dating profile picture is of the guy who did a hack edit job, scribbling or cropping out his ex-girlfriend from the photo – but leaving behind remnants of her blonde hair.

Parents’ white lies are a time-honored tradition

Generally speaking, mom Shannon McCormick loves fruits and vegetables and wants to pass that on to her 4-year-old, but her resolve is tested when she encounters her plump, red nemesis: the tomato.

Tips for handling a failed relationship on Valentine’s Day

If you are worried about being dateless on Valentine’s Day, take comfort.

Are you ready for death? Resolve to get your affairs in order

This is the month for making resolutions, and you might as well go straight to the top. Yes, you probably need to exercise more. Yes, you probably could eat better. But what do you really, really need to do? You need to prepare for your death.

10 ways to spot a jerk

Here are 10 ways to spot a jerk, so you don’t waste your precious time.

Wedding insurance expands as nuptials get pricier

Worried about the groom getting cold feet? There’s an insurance policy for that.

Making a ski trip work when he skis, she doesn’t

This winter I put my relationship to the ultimate test: a romantic ski vacation.

Old Spice commercial features some of the creepiest moms you ever did see

You don’t have to wait until the Super Bowl to catch some of the funniest TV commercials. A new spot for Old Spice is going viral.

Sexting in middle school puts kids at risk for starting sexual activities, study finds

Sexting among middle school students can lead to early sexual activity, giving parents more reason to be aware of young teenagers’ “phone behaviors,” suggests a new study.

As cohabitation gains favor, shotgun weddings fade

No longer taboo, living together has become a more common arrangement for America’s couples who become pregnant while dating.

Breaking up in the new year

The month of January has been dubbed by some as “National Breakup Month” because it’s the time of year when most divorces are filed. People want to avoid upsetting their families during the holiday season, but the second that life gets back to normal (whatever that is), all bets are off, and in some cases, so are the gloves.

Top five excuses for spending money – when you really shouldn’t

We’ve all been there. It’s Friday night and you’ve just gotten home from a horrible, traffic-filled commute after a dreadful, long week of work. The house is trashed, the kids are starving, the dog peed in the living room, there’s no food in the fridge and you’re getting really cranky.

Great introductions help people break the ice

It’s adorable when kids label you. “Hi, Sarah’s mom!” “Bye, George’s piano teacher!” “Hi, Grandma’s mailman!” It’s not adorable when adults try it. “Carla! Have you met Volunteers A Lot Mom?” It just sounds bad. Which explains why a lot of us stand around not introducing one another.

Do you hear what I hear? These toys tested loud

It’s that time of year again, and the toys themselves seem to sense your desperation. Stacked on store shelves, they compete for your attention, unleashing peals of electronic giggles, laser blasts and melodies that nestle into your brain and stay there.

Make saving money a resolution for 2014

As we enter a new year, we all look to make changes in our lives: losing weight and getting fit, finding a new job, saving more money.

Pleasures and pitfalls of being a stay-at-home dad

When Nate Ulmer takes his children to the playground during the day, he is usually the only father there. If there are mothers around, they don’t talk to him, which makes him feel a little out of place – but he doesn’t let it bother him.

New disorder plaguing teenagers: sleep texting

Olivia Priedeman, 17, woke one morning from a dream she had about making plans with a friend.

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