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Annie Calovich

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Annie Calovich: Daffodils equal spring

Spring brings so much joy.

Tree Fest, farmers market opening next weekend

Easter will be here Sunday, and new life is all around us. But we have a bit of a warm-up left before the tulips start busting out all over. Then – watch out! A lot is about to happen.

Planning for moisture, gardeners plant fruit

It’s been lovely to watch more new growth come out this first week of spring – more daffodils blooming and tulips popping up, quince and forsythia starting to show some color – albeit with snow in the forecast.

As spring arrives, consider yard plants’ water needs

Unlike a winter that held back until the end, spring is not holding back.

Keep the lawn alive with a minimum of water

As the city of Wichita considers watering restrictions, The Eagle has been asking people about their own water use and how they might conserve water.

Drought’s influence seen at Outdoor Living and Landscape Show

Snow was on the ground and a chill was in the air as people made their way indoors for the first day of the Outdoor Living and Landscape Show on Friday at Century II. It was perfect weather to go looking for an early taste of spring, on display at the show in blooming tulips, baby ducks, tomato plants and deck chairs.

Garden show expanding this year

Wichita’s latest version of a garden show debuted last year and will expand just a bit this year when it is staged next weekend in Century II’s Expo Hall.

On the hunt for winter green

Last week, standing alongside the rock garden in Botanica, at the base of the curved wooden bridge, I gazed around me and was astounded at the number and variety of plants I saw.

Signs of early spring start to appear

I had a sense of deja vu as master gardener Janie Chisholm made one of my favorite observations of all time on Facebook: “Love, love, love waking up to the birds singing!”

Gardeners may need to adjust to drier conditions

As I wrote a story for last Sunday’s paper about the drought and the possibility of water restrictions in Wichita, it seemed that a different attitude was being brought to the use of water.

Tulip stems, onion seeds are among the bridges to spring

One of the benefits of a walk through Botanica on a warm, sunny afternoon in January: two sightings of red foxes – one in the children’s garden, the other from the heights of the pavilion.

Concolor fir keeps growing, even after Christmas

A few days after Christmas, Susan Cooper was standing at the large window in her living room that looks east over a bend in the Little Arkansas River, getting ready to take down her Christmas tree – a concolor fir that she’d bought at Johnson’s Garden Center.

Shopping for seeds in winter

Like Lucy from Peanuts joyously shaking a can into which Charlie Brown has deposited a nickel, I’ve been shaking my first packet of seeds of Garden Season 2013.

The mind reaches out to winter, looking for connection

As much as I love Christmas, the clean freshness of the new year and a return to post-holiday routine are always refreshing and consoling.

We’ve survived the shortest day, first snowfall

On the verge of Christmas, I always have miscellaneous snippets of holiday information lying about, like pretty pieces of ribbon left over after wrapping a gift, threatening to become unceremoniously outdated by next Saturday. (I’d be happy to keep celebrating the 12 days of Christmas anywhere and everywhere, but society won’t play along.)

Some Christmases are more Charlie Brown than others

Some Christmases turn out to be more Charlie-Brown-style than we might imagine, even when we’re adults.

Playing with Christmas greenery an extension of gardening

More than any Christmas before, I’ve been thinking of which causes I want to help and which businesses I want to see stay in business while doing my Christmas shopping.

Take steps to give Christmas tree longevity

For people wondering last week, with our early Thanksgiving, whether a live Christmas tree can survive the long haul through Christmas, the answer is yes.

Holiday potpourri: trees, Illuminations, feeding the birds

It’s a little early for the Christmas tree for me, but even if you aren’t getting your tree this weekend, you probably are planning where you will buy it.

Nature gives us colors to be thankful for

Thanksgiving is as early as it can be this year. Yet somehow Christmas has arrived even earlier.

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