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Annie Calovich

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Figuring out the watering drill for dry times in the lawn, garden

Tell me if it happened, and I just missed it.

New farmers market among those opening in May

The dawning of May next week brings Herb Day and the opening of more farmers markets, including a new one on an urban farm in northeast Wichita.

What flower am I? Trust the sunflower

I keep saying I’m never going to take another one of those quizzes.

Setting the Easter table

While Easter isn’t until next weekend, this weekend’s spring backdrop is perfect for making preparations, as well as for enjoying on its own. Between the clear sweet birdsong that greets me in the morning and the loud yellow forsythia that catches the setting sun, I’m already getting a form of sugar rush from all the beauty.

It is time to prepare garden for planting

You have to love it when you go to a gardener’s house and a plant stand is blocking your entry inside the front door.

Tree Festival, Old Town Farmers Market herald spring

The living things of the Earth are waking up all around us, and each day is a revelation.

Tidy landscaping gives a home curb appeal

Curb appeal is something we all should shoot for, whether we’re putting our house on the market or not.

Door opens to spring at Outdoor Living & Landscape Show

Fake grass has come to the Outdoor Living & Landscape Show.

Outdoor Living and Landscape Show to include garden seminars

As extension agent Bob Neier points out, it’s a good thing the Outdoor Living and Landscape Show wasn’t the first weekend of March as it usually is.

Winter is a lot warmer at north-side Wichita Greenhouse

We may be back in the arms of winter – just one week out from daylight saving time – but a hive of garden activity is buzzing in north Wichita, creating its own heat.

Sun-activated color almost as welcome as a cleansing rain

I kept hearing what sounded like car crashes just around the corner this week, but fortunately they turned out merely to be cars crunching through the sand and salt left behind from the snowstorm aftermath.

Annie Calovich: How to get rid of mice

I remember trying to play the game Mouse Trap when I was little.

Annie Calovich: Winter tests our mettle, but let’s be grateful for what we have

I’m reminded once again, on a cold and snowy winter’s day, how much a difference the sunshine makes.

Mark these dates on the 2014 garden calendar

Now that we’ve turned our first month page of the calendar for 2014 – Happy February! – it’s time to get important gardening dates for the year jotted down. Winter is speeding by, right? Right?

Volunteers help plant prairie at Bartlett Arboretum

When I heard the wind howling outside my windows Monday night, I couldn’t help thinking about the nearly 2.5 million seeds that had been scattered Sunday to make a new prairie at Bartlett Arboretum in Belle Plaine.

New tomatoes show their stripes

I didn’t even let myself look at the seed catalogs that started arriving in my mailbox in December. I couldn’t handle one more distraction. Plus the delay gave me something to look forward to in January.

Living, growing through the winter

I’ve had a little spontaneous garden growing on the top of my fridge this winter.

January a time to recommit to clean living

During the holidays, when schedules get thrown overboard and food and drink flow and emotions run high and the year changes, a certain cleansing takes place without us even knowing it.

Come warm yourselves by the fire

“Any one thinking of the Holy Child as born in December would mean by it exactly what we mean by it; that Christ is not merely a summer sun of the prosperous but a winter fire for the unfortunate.”

Arguments for buying a real Christmas tree

I had cause to work with some artificial evergreen garland while decorating for Christmas, and it made me feel ill.

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