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How will we survive an ‘endless summer’?

Last week, a weatherman on one of the morning shows said that because of record-breaking warm temperatures all over the country, “it could be an endless summer.” Some people would relish that thought. I would consider an endless summer the fifth ring of hell. As winters go, we had a very lame one. Where was the snow? Where was the ice? I wore my Uggs only once because even though some say their feet never get hot in Uggs, mine do. I wore a heavy coat fewer than five times.

Designer Rebecca Simpson’s ‘comfort zone’ is Old Town

People have teased me from time to time that I was born in Wichita, I grew up in Wichita and I went completely through school in Wichita.

Who owns the most shoes? Guess right, help kids

There’s no denying it. My heart skips a beat just seeing all the new spring shoes being displayed. If you’re also a shoe lover, think about winning five new pairs of shoes and your heart will skip two beats. The good news is you can do just that.

Bonnie Bing: Something for everyone in Oscar fashions

In most categories there were no clear-cut favorites at the 84th annual Academy Awards. But when it came to fashion on the red carpet it was a different story. Fashion predictors expected to see lots of color, “statement dresses,” some prints and long sleeves. Turns out there seemed to be something for everyone, including the predictors. There were more white gowns than expected and no prints.

Kelly Ripa the same in person as on TV

Kelly Ripa on “Live! With Kelly” is one of my favorite people on television. That’s why I was a little nervous about meeting her and going to her show in New York. I thought being in the studio audience would give me a chance to see what she’s like in “real life.” I didn’t want to find out she wasn’t the funny, cute, self-deprecating person she is on her show.

Wichitan Dana Fleming to host ‘Road to Gold’

For a girl who wanted to work behind the television camera as a producer instead of in front of one as talent, Wichitan Dana Fleming’s face has appeared on television screens thousands of times.

Orpheum audience was glad to see Craig Ferguson

I usually see comedian Craig Ferguson late at night on my TV screen. I don’t watch long because he’s the host of CBS’s “The Late Late Show,” which is one too many Lates for me.

No easy answer on how, where to help the homeless

My column last Monday brought a deluge of phone calls and e-mails. It seems many of us share the dilemma of when and how to help the homeless.

When is it safe to help people?

Something has been bugging me for days, so I’m going to dump it on you, then I can quit thinking about it.

Tracking wild animals prepares hunters from Zimbabwe for shopping in Wichita

When two professional wild game hunters from Zimbabwe, Gavin Rorke and Anthony Howland, strolled into Bradley Fair’s Victoria’s Secret last week, they had that “fish-out-of-water” look.

House is bare but outlets no longer overloaded

I asked my friend Sally to remind me next year when I’m dragging out the greenery and a ton of Christmas decorations how much I dislike taking everything down after the holidays.

Supreme encounter shows dreams come true

You never know what life is going to bring you, but it’s those fun surprises that keep us going.

Wichita Art Museum showcases Supremes' dresses

If you love fashion, if you loved the Supremes, and maybe you still do, stop in the name of love!

Love of theater brings Wichitan home

The good part about talking to Lauren Kadel on the phone is that she is so joyful she’ll make you smile. The bad part is not being able to see her bright eyes and big smile.

Enter The Eagle’s $20.12 Outfit Challenge

Since you’re going to be out shopping for something to wear for New Year’s Eve, you might as well take part in a very fun contest!

Photo shoot turns into great fundraiser

Sometimes things just click, and boy, doesn’t that make life easier? I can’t say there weren’t a couple of bumps in the road when we had a big holiday fashion shoot Nov. 13, but I can say we finished ahead of schedule. And, more importantly, we had some fun. The location was Wichita Country Club, where the staff did everything possible to accommodate the team of hairstylists and makeup artists, models of all ages, fashion assistants and the crazy woman.

Designer stays true to her distinctive look

You know you’ve been a fashion writer for quite awhile when you interview an established, very successful designer for the second time and realize the first interview was in the early ’90s when she was just beginning to make her mark in the business.

Neiman is offering fountains, yurts, cars

It appears butterflies are flying out of a woman’s head on the cover of the 85th edition of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. I look forward every year to discovering what the “His & Hers” fantasy gift is. Well, if you’ve ever stood at the Bellagio in Las Vegas and watched the dancing waters and thought, “Gee, it would be swell to have that in our back yard,” now you can have it. Perhaps not as big, but the gift being offered is a pair of dancing fountains from WET, the company behind many of the world’s famous fountains. And for a cool million bucks, Santa will deliver it.

Halloween should be princesses, not chainsaws

Today is Halloween. When I told my co-workers I don’t like Halloween, they asked “why” almost in unison.

Avid knitter creates her fall wardrobe

Sara Lloyd learned to knit when she was 8 years old. So when she announced more than a year ago that she was going to knit her 2011 fall wardrobe, no one was surprised.

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