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New clarity accompanies signs that youth has departed

We all have it – and if you haven’t had it yet, you will someday, so ha ha. It’s that moment when you know that yes, you are middle age, and youth is a thing of the past. But that epiphany is a piece of cake compared to the rude awakening that you are a senior, and we’re not talking school here.

Readers’ e-mails share fond memories of downtown Wichita

The problem with electronic communication is this: It makes it too easy to fire off an e-mail or a tweet or comment on a message board, and not have to face the person you’re addressing, or even let them hear your voice. I would bet people rarely Skype when they’re telling someone off.

What ever happened to the tall, skinny girl with the big, sad eyes?

The Wichita Children’s Home is 125 years old. Think of the thousands of children who have been helped and the number of lives saved.

Bonnie Bing: Questions about happiness bring interesting answers

Wonder how many times a day we hear the word, “happy.” After a brief discussion with a teenager on the subject of happiness, I decided to count. Fourteen times in person and seven times on television someone said the word “happy” or “happiness.”

From newsroom to living room, hard to write uninterrupted

“Okay, now where was I?”

Family Fun Day a special camp for special-needs kids

It’s summer and that means it’s time for camp. I’m old enough to remember when there was camp, just plain old summer camp. Now it’s amazing the number of special camps there are: sports camps, space camps, science camps and the one that gives me shivers, math camps.

Bonnie Bing: Tragedy a chance to stop and smell the storm-ravaged roses

Sometimes a person has to give herself a good talking to. I end up doing this frequently and usually out loud. Yes, it is technically talking aloud to one’s self, but it is a good thing, not deranged as some might think.

Bonnie Bing: Former Wichitan coordinated visual effects for ‘The Great Gatsby’

Barry St. John, 32, was the kid at Robinson Middle School making “little videos.” Today he works on blockbuster movies, including “The Great Gatsby.” He was in Santa Monica, Calif., where he lives, when I interviewed him by phone. He was getting ready to go to New York for the “Gatsby” premiere, then on to Wichita for the May 10 premiere.

Bonnie Bing: You better take cover; It’s swimsuit-shopping time again

Ahhh, just when you thought it was safe to come out of hibernation, the stores are filled with tiny garments meant to be worn in the water.

Bonnie Bing: Never take good friends for granted

The message said, “It’s over.”

Bonnie Bing: WSU proves women’s sports have come a long way

Progress, growth, improvement.

Bonnie Bing: Kids at auditions share one thing: nerves

I spent a really fun hour recently doing something I’ve wanted to do for a long time: watching kids audition for Music Theatre of Wichita. The young performers ranged from tiny to teenage, but they had one thing in common: nervousness. I swear one little girl didn’t blink once the whole time she was in the rehearsal room in the basement of Century II.

Bonnie Bing: Get the skinny on men’s leggings

We first started hearing about “meggings” late last year. Yes, leggings for men.

Grandma was right: Staying put for decades has some advantages

My grandma told me more than once that staying put has some real advantages. One of those advantages is long-term friendships.

Bonnie Bing: Some things we’ll just have to continue to wonder about

It all started when I scraped my knuckles on the door jamb while carrying the laundry basket. I said to myself out loud, “I wonder how many times I’ll do that before I realize this basket and my hands don’t fit through most doorways?”

Bonnie Bing: Let’s just take 2013 one day at a time

Putting together a datebook for the new year is my annual moment of reflection. Actually it takes several moments and it’s kind of fun. And this time, because I’ve retired and I am supposed to have less to do, I’ve downscaled my big book to a much smaller one.

Fifth-grade girls agree: There are too many guns out there

If you’re reading this, it means the Mayans were wrong. The world didn’t end Friday. I figure the Mayans those many years ago decided figuring a calendar to 2012 was plenty long enough.

Bonnie Bing: Giving to others is the best gift you can give yourself

It’s true that this is the time of year people go a little nuts.

Bonnie Bing: Don’t tell me Shocker fans have no spirit

We all have that little saying or thought we say or think when we’re sure we didn’t hear something correctly.

Bonnie Bing: Finding our way to what really matters

Even though one friend with a keen sense of direction said my column about developmental topographical disorientation was much ado about nothing, I received a ton of e-mails containing great stories of others like me.

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