May 17, 2014

Finding a swimsuit need not be painful

It wasn’t long after I started perusing around the SwimSpot store that I blurted out a confession to the sweet “fit specialist” Jackie.

It wasn’t long after I started perusing around the SwimSpot store that I blurted out a confession to the sweet “fit specialist” Jackie.

“I had a baby about a year ago, and well, certain parts of my body didn’t quite bounce back,” I said, looking nervously around the store. “I want something that is appropriate for a mom but, you know, not something that makes me feel like a mom.” Jackie smiled, like she had heard the story many times before.

Finding a swimsuit is no easy task for most ladies out there, and for anyone who has carried around a human in their belly for nine months, or perhaps simply didn’t stick with their New Year’s resolutions to get fit, it can be a daunting task. Lucky for me, one-pieces have made a major comeback in the past few years – and they aren’t just for moms looking to camouflage the not-so-firm areas. They are sexy and chic and make buying a new suit this year a fun outing rather than a dreadful trip to the dressing room.

SwimSpot started a few years ago as a pop-up store in Fashion Island in Newport Beach, Calif., and last July found a permanent home at the Newport Beach outdoor shopping center. SwimSpot, started by industry heavyweight Lisa Vogel, was created as the retail leg of Raj Manufacturing, a Tustin, Calif., company that makes swimsuits for several major brands like Hurley, Reef, Athena and Guess.

“Most women dread shopping for swimwear, so we created SwimSpot to be the quick, easy and fun destination to buy women’s swimwear for the modern sun lover,” Vogel said. “Since SwimSpot’s parent company had been designing and manufacturing swimwear for over 45 years, we wanted to use our knowledge and expertise to help busy women of today find their perfect fit, as painlessly as possible.”

Vogel said there are a few trends to look for this season: Lace and crochet are staples for the swim season again. As noted earlier, the one-piece is making a comeback. Sporty silhouettes and beach-to-bar cover-ups are also big trends you’ll see this summer.

Also new this year is a one-piece with color blocking on the sides. It “helps with hiding any kind of imperfections you want to hide, and great for someone who wants to camouflage their middle area,” said Holly Harshman, marketing manager for Raj Manufacturing.

When asked what the best advice is for women looking for a suit, Vogel said a woman should always find a look that shows off her best assets.

“Many of our suits help to accentuate and camouflage – something everyone appreciates,” she said.

Most women need a variety of suits to meet their needs, Vogel said. If she’s anything like me, she might be surfing or stand-up paddling one day, the next she might be sipping cocktails poolside. Or maybe she wants to go a bit skimpier than usual on a trip to Europe or the Caribbean.

How many suits should a woman have?

“I have a different swimsuit and cover-up for each day of my vacation – whether it’s a completely new piece or mix-matching a variety of tops and bottoms,” Vogel said. “It’s also important to have suits based on your activities or lifestyle.”

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