May 17, 2014

Simple and natural the watchwords for warm-weather hair, makeup

Keep it simple is the mantra for hair this spring and summer, but that doesn’t mean plain.

Keep it simple is the mantra for hair this spring and summer, but that doesn’t mean plain.

“Hair is very romantic this spring,” said stylist Melissa Tinker at Eric Fisher Salon. She says updos should be loose, not severe and sleek. Curls should be loose and easy.

“Soft, effortless mermaid waves. Pony tails worn both low and high. Hair will be softly swept over from deep side parts. Don’t make it complicated,” Tinker said.

Pam Cutler at Salon Knotty says spring will be a good time to pay attention to details. “Hair is all about simple details that will make you stand out,” she said.

While it seems a lot of high-profile people are cutting their hair short, Cutler said “Medium-length hair is not too short and not too long and looks great with every shape of face.”

When it comes to hair color for the new season, Cutler says a favorite is brown. “Chocolate and mocha browns with face-framing highlights are a surprise for spring and summer,” she said.


When it comes to makeup, leave the smoky eye behind.

“Spring 2014 makeup is looking really soft and natural. I’m noticing a lot of pink, coral and peach shades on eyes, lips and cheeks,” said Christine Doerge of Eric Fisher Salon.

Cutler calls bright orange the “go-to color” for lipstick this spring. “It looks good with all skin tones,” she said.

Those in the beauty business stress the importance of shaped and groomed eyebrows to frame the face. Don’t get carried away with the tweezers, because it’s a good season to go for bold brows and shimmery eyelids.

Many beauty experts, Doerge and Cutler among them, suggest wearing a tinted moisturizer during warm weather. And make sure your skin and beauty products have sunblock in them.

Casual style and a fresh face should be the goals for hair and makeup this spring.

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