Welcome the warmth with splashes of bold color

05/17/2014 12:00 AM

08/06/2014 11:27 AM

After the gray days of winter one of the best part of summer is color. Bright and beautiful color.

Move over, beige, this year’s favorites – blues, from robin egg to cobalt; greens, from lime to mint; orange, from tangerine to soft coral; vivid violet and orchid – are not just in clothing, but also accessories. Walk through the handbag and jewelry departments of a department store and it is a colorful experience. And let’s not leave out the shoe department.

The fun part of all these brights is you pick what makes you smile. Never worry that your new purse is lime green and your outfit doesn’t have a bit of green in it. Think of spring accessories as your wardrobe’s exclamation points.

“Color is hot. It was all we saw at the jewelry market,” said Helen Galloway of the First Place. She says the color craze crosses all price lines.

And some jewelry has a little edge to it, such as surprising combinations of materials. “We’re seeing steel and other metals with diamonds because the price of gold and silver is so high,” she said.

Galloway says it’s fine if you like dainty chains, long or short, but don’t wear just one. “Layer several in different lengths and it’s a great look,” she said.

Regardless of the accessory, think big, bold and colorful. If you’ve always carried a neutral-color bag, go for a bold color and see how many compliments you get. Add a bright scarf and your outfit is instantly updated.

Pancake-flat sandals in lots of colors are perfect with the popular maxi dresses and skirts of the season. Kitten heels are back for another season and high, high heels are still available in platform pumps and strappy sandals. If you want some height but don’t want to walk around on spike heels, choose from a wide selection of wedges.

The sneaker has hit a high point this season. Even Chanel came up with a high-top sneaker of white leather for a mere $990. But there are plenty of other options in a very wide price range. And why not go for a color or a print while you’re at it?

If you love the extra kick of a metallic sheen on accessories, you’ll be happy to know that some leather goods and jewelry have a metallic shimmer, and some are in bright colors.

The easiest way to punch up an outfit, regardless of what it is? Add great accessories. This is the year to make it a colorful addition.

Reach Bonnie Bing at bingbylines@gmail.com.

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