July 2, 2012

Makeover winners love their new looks

The 8th annual Wichita Eagle Makeover Contest had a new twist this year: We had a mother-daughter category. We ended up with nominations from women of a variety of ages and diverse backgrounds.

The 8th annual Wichita Eagle Makeover Contest had a new twist this year: We had a mother-daughter category. We ended up with nominations from women of a variety of ages and diverse backgrounds.

Two women — plus the mother-daughter team — received head-to-toe makeovers totally free, thanks to the generosity of local retailers and salon owners.

All the winners had good reasons for wanting a makeover, and all looked great when their new looks were unveiled at the Sisterhood of the Divine Makeover Luncheon, a benefit for Dress for Success on June 23 at the Wichita Marriott.

Sandy Pankratz

The 44-year-old wife and mother of two sons — one in middle school and one in high school — went back to school to get her teaching degree when her husband was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Her mother-in-law, Dolores Pankratz, nominated her because she thought Sandy needed some pampering because her life is devoted to others in her teaching job and in taking care of her family and hurrying around to her sons’ activities.

•  Salon: Planet Hair, stylist Tod Ernst
•  Hair: Tod decided to keep the length of Sandy’s hair, but layered the top. He used a “melting technique” of three different colors for a rich monotone.
•  Makeup was done by Erin Fortune of Planet Hair, who worked with the colors of the outfit Sandy had chosen. False eyelashes added drama to the eyes.
•  Retailer: Dress Barn’s Kama Kisling

Sandy is getting ready for a family cruise, so a tea-length halter dress of polyester jersey seemed the right choice, especially because it will pack easily. A black shrug was added, and accessories carried out the Moroccan theme.

• What Sandy had to say: “All of this was fun and wonderful to get a new look from professionals who were very kind and gracious.”

Judy Anderson

The 73-year-old said she wanted a makeover to get started in a new phase of her life. She’s been retired awhile but says now she’s ready to go to work, perhaps part-time, and get involved in volunteer work for local charities. At her last job, she wore “horrific khakis and the polo shirt with the logo on it.” She wanted no more of that look.

•  Salon: Salon Knotty, Pam Cutler
•  Hair: Pam said, “What we don’t have, we buy.” So she added some extensions to Judy’s short hair. “I wanted to give her hair a shape to match Judy’s sassy personality.” Pam added some darker shades and highlights.
•  Makeup also was done by Pam, who used darker powder along the jaw line and sides of the neck to make Judy’s face appear thinner. Lavender eyeliner was used with neutral eye shadow colors.
•  Retailer: GM Clotheshorse’s Gay Muenchrath chose an aqua tank top and matching cardigan, a color she knew would look great with Judy’s red hair. All the pieces in the outfit are good wardrobe builders.
•  What Judy had to say: Describing her makeover as one of the most exciting events of her life, she said, “My hair is fabulous and a complete change. The outfit is perfect for my needs. I love everything!”

Angela Gibson

The 31-year-old daughter in the winning mother-daughter team has been working as a substitute teacher and is pursuing a permanent teaching job. She also is going to get back into the dating world as she lost her fiance more than a year ago. She wanted a versatile outfit that would present a professional look for interviews.

•  Salon: Charisma Salon East, Monica Lara
•  Hair: Monica cut Angela’s hair to give it more volume and put the focus on her eyes. The color was done to enhance Angela’s natural blond color and to brighten her complexion.
•  Makeup also was done by Monica, who contoured the eyes with neutral shimmers for a “natural, yet stunning beach look.” Oyster pink lip color and black orchid eyeliner were used. Lemon spice eye shadow was used to bring out the blue in Monica’s blue-green eyes.
•  Retailer: Dillard’s Missy Nicholson

Angela wanted versatile pieces to mix with other pieces in her wardrobe, and she got that with a pair of black slacks, a tiered shirt in a color of blue that went perfectly with her new glasses and a black shrug.

•  Eyeglasses: Specs’ Yvette Ysidro

Yvette, with Angela’s input, chose blue frames with a flattering shape by OGI. “We wanted something playful and fun, and this frame did it for her. And these looked great with her eye color,” she said.

•  What Angela had to say: “I love my new hairstyle because it’s a fun style and it gives my hair volume. I also like going more blond. I chose these glasses because they’re bold and make my eyes stand out. My outfit will work for lots of occasions.”

Linda Harper

The 58-year-old mother of the mother-daughter team heard from her daughter that it was time for a makeover.

“Mom and I have both had pretty much the same hairstyle since I was eight, so it’s time for a change,” Gibson wrote about herself and Linda. Linda works as a bookkeeper, sells aircraft parts and ferries planes to South Africa.

•  Salon: Charisma Salon East’s Julia Shaw
•  Hair: Julia added volume to Linda’s hair by shortening it, adding layers and movement. The new color softened Linda’s features.
•  Makeup also was done by Julia, who used shades of blue shadow to bring out her eyes, filled in her eyebrows and did some contouring with bronzer to accent the shape of Linda’s eyes.
•  Retailer: Dillard’s Nicholson

Linda was in need of a suit look for times when she needed a professional appearance. The bright red was the right jolt of color to add, and the red shoes added some fun.

• Eyeglasses: Specs’ Ysidro

When the enormous choice of frames was narrowed down to two, it was between a pair that didn’t show up and one that was much bolder. The black frames by Chanel were finally chosen. Yvette said they were on target with the latest trend.

•  What Linda had to say: “I’m going to miss being pampered!” At Charisma, she and Angela received massages, manicures and pedicures. “My hair is so many colors, and it is so much cooler than before. I actually feel different.”

Instant makeover

At the Sisterhood of the Divine Makeover Luncheon, one person was chosen for an instant makeover. It worked out well because the winner, Margery Nagel, was there to celebrate her birthday with her mom and sister. Once her name was drawn and she was introduced to the audience, she was taken to a room for the makeover. She was then re-introduced at the end of the luncheon.

•  Salon: Eric Fisher Salon’s Eric Fisher and Megan Bowersox
•  Hair: Eric and Megan cut Margery’s hair that was basically one length. The cut with forward gradation in front was done to give her hair more movement around the face.
•  Makeup: Holly Lenox of Eric Fisher Salons did the makeup, using earth tones on the eyes with a punch of bright coral on the lips, a perfect shade for summer.
•  Retailer: Foggy Bottom’s Beth George

Tall, slender Margery was thrilled with her new dress, crochet jacket and silver and sparkling accessories, including rhinestone sandals. “The dress is a great color for her and accented her waist,” Beth said. The crochet jacket can be worn over many outfits, including Margery’s favorite jeans.

•  What Margery said: “I’m glad my mom insisted we go to the luncheon. After a few days, I love my hair even more than right after it was cut. And I know I’ll be wearing the outfit this summer.”

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