Brighten up summer outfits with fresh citrus shades

Shades of orange, lemon and lime brighten up summer wardrobe

06/11/2012 6:27 AM

06/11/2012 6:27 AM

This is the time of year we put citrus fruits in our grocery carts. And this season, we’re adding the colors of lemon yellow, lime green and melon shades to our summer wardrobes. Color is the hottest trend of the season, and citrus colors top the list.

“Citrus colors are fun, they can brighten up a neutral color,” said Tammy Foulston of Nouveau in Bradley Fair at 21st and Rock Road. “You just have to make sure you get the right bright for your skin tone.”

At Lyndon’s, also in Bradley Fair, Donna Preston said, “Even though the colors are bright, it’s amazing how many colors look really, really good on a lot of people.”

College student Chanel McCray said, “I’ve liked bright colors before this spring, but now I love them. I’m going shopping to get more.”

Orange probably is the hottest color this season, and since it’s a combination of red and yellow — two happy colors — it’s not surprising that it’s a favorite. Colors of orange range from melon to tangerine to true orange to darker shades. Shoppers have been surprised how versatile orange can be.

Amy Dopps, a mom, cosmetic consultant and part-time administrative assistant, said she has been pleased to learn that blondes look good in bright orange. “I always liked orange, but didn’t really wear it until it became mainstream,” she said.

Retailers use the terms “refreshing,” “crisp” and “fresh” to describe summer’s hottest hues. Holli Davis at Lyndon’s said the only thing good about summer is home-grown tomatoes — but she agrees that citrus colors are refreshing.

“They make you think of tropical drinks,” she said.

If you’re not inclined to go head-to-toe in brights, opt for an accessory in a bright color that will add an instant trendy touch. Bracelets, scarves, jewelry, shoes and handbags in citrus shades are available in a wide price range. Prints that combine citrus colors also are a more subtle way to show off the trend.

But if you want to be bold, go with the color blocking trend using all citrus colors.

Gay Muenchrath of GM Clotheshorse said jeans in bright colors are a very popular item this season, but added that there are plenty of other citrus options.

“Get some citrus and garnish with a beach umbrella,” she said.

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