December 5, 2011

Hairdo tops off perfect holiday look

The most wonderful time of the year is no time for a bad hair day or, more important, a bad hair night. No, ho ho.

The most wonderful time of the year is no time for a bad hair day or, more important, a bad hair night. No, ho ho.

You might have the best little evening outfit this side of the North Pole, but if you don’t do a little something special with your hair, the total look is knocked down a notch or two.

Curls are loose and sexy for this holiday season, according to the stylists from the Eric Fisher Salons and the Eric Fisher Academy. "Even braids are pulled apart for a softer look," Fisher said. "Styles this year aren’t perfectly coiffed, they’re a little bit messy and very romantic."

Stylist Melissa Tinker of Eric Fisher says the French twist is still a favorite. But it can be "fun and funky" — not the classic, sleek French twist, but one, for example, with some hair coming from the top of the twist.

Danny Jiminez of the Danny Jiminez Salon, 2350 N. Greenwich, agrees with Tinker. A French twist is one of his favorites. “We’re doing French twists, but they’re not perfect, not messy, still sophisticated,” he said. Jiminez says the stylists in his salon “are over the feathers and the very messy updos.”

He says clients want to crank up the volume. “Everyone wants to look like they have a lot of hair and sometimes that means adding extensions,” he said.

Pam Cutler of Salon Knotty, 1447 N. Rock Road, is another fan of updos. “Updos for holiday parties are a great way to show off a gorgeous neckline or an amazing pair of earrings,” she said. She also advises adding festive headbands or barrettes to your holiday hairstyle.

At Planet Hair, 504 E. Douglas, Tod Ernst says his clients are loving vintage looks such as finger waves for evening. Adornments go beyond the usual hair accessories to little cocktail hats with netting. Ernst says he and other stylists in the salon are adding broaches to dressy hairstyles.

“This year it’s shiny, beautiful hair that is loose and sexy. Think Lauren Bacall. But we’re still doing a lot of chignons on the side. And the younger girls love the braids and sections of hair that are crimped,” Ernst said.

Makeup for the holidays

Danny Jiminez says fake eyelashes are the biggest hit of the season. “Now everyone is wanting them.” He advises keeping the accent on the eye, with lots of shimmer and shine.

Tod Ernst agrees the lashes are a must. “Instead of one set of lashes, they’re using multiples so the lashes are really, really thick.

“Smoky eyes have been a big trend for quite awhile and there’s no sign it is dying,” Pam Cutler said. But she reminds us that the key to the perfect smoky eye is proper blending of the colors applied.

Both Jimenez and Ernst say neutral shades in makeup are a hit for the season. “Even though a woman is wearing a lot of makeup, it doesn’t look like she is,” Ernst said.

But there’s something to be said for wearing red lipstick this time of year. Amber Zeman, makeup artist for Eric Fisher Salons, says it’s a matter of finding just the right color of red, with the right undertone. “There are orange, purple and blue undertones so you have to test reds to see how they look with your skin color,” she said. “And there are many, many shades of red, from wine to a bright, orangey red,” she said.

Zeman says it’s important to check the color after you’ve worn it for five minutes on your lips. “And don’t test it on the back of your hand,” she said. She also advises to first exfoliate your lips, then use a primer and lip liner so the color doesn’t bleed outside the lip line. Fill in with the lip liner to boost lasting power, then fill in with lipstick. Last, add gloss.

“Gloss will add a little extra glow. And this year clients are wanting a strong candle lit glow. I’m finishing everyone with a shimmering powder,” she said.

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