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‘Lion King’ lives up to its regal reputation

The circle of Disney’s “The Lion King’s” 10-year life on the road has never brought it through Wichita — until now.

Meet the people pulling the strings for ‘Lion King’

There’s the living cast of Disney’s “The Lion King,” – a traveling troupe of more than 50 actors, singers and dancers with trained voices and limbs and long theatrical resumes.

Students can get discount tickets for ‘The Lion King’

Students are being offered “Student Rush” discount tickets to performances of “The Lion King,” which opens Tuesday and runs through Sept. 30 at Wichita’s Century II.

‘Lion King’ ready to roar in Wichita

If you were born after 1994, the year the animated Disney film “The Lion King” was released in theaters, you likely know all about the circle of life, can easily translate “Hakuna Matata” and have shed a few tears over poor Mufasa and his heartbroken cub, Simba.

Transforming actors into animals

It’s 7 p.m., one hour until curtain, and Buyi Zama is in the makeup chair, right on time for her most inflexible appointment of the day.

‘Lion King’ is a show of wonder

When I was asked to travel to St. Louis to do a series of stories on Disney’s “The Lion King” in advance of its Wichita run, I was excited, partially because I had visions of eating toasted ravioli on The Hill.

Fun facts about the ‘Lion King’ stage production

Director and designer Julie Taymor, along with designer Michael Curry, hand-sculpted and painted every prototype mask that now appears in the “Circle of Life” opening of the show.

‘Double event’ a challenge for ‘Lion King’ performers

Had it been entrusted to a different imagination, the musical version of Disney’s “The Lion King” might have become an expensive piece of children’s theater — a regurgitation of Elton John and Tim Rice’s famous songs from the animated version performed by actors in animal costumes.

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