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No medical explanation for Wichita girl's recovery, doctors told Vatican

As Avery Gerleman's condition continued to deteriorate, and the auto-immune disorder continued to ravage her internal organs, her doctors began seeing more surprises.

As girl lay near death, family prayed to Kapaun

In October 2006, 12-year-old Avery Gerleman scored a goal in a soccer game.

Roberts, Moran introduce bill to honor Kapaun

Sens. Pat Roberts and Jerry Moran introduced a bill Tuesday to award Father Emil Kapaun, a Kansas war hero, the Medal of Honor for acts of valor in the Korean War.

Father Emil Kapaun's life, deeds compiled

The Rev. John Hotze in recent weeks has put together a parcel of mail so big that by the time he sends it to the Vatican he'll need a good-size pickup to haul it to the post office.

Tiahrt's office: Kapaun may still receive medal

Staff members of Rep. Todd Tiahrt, R-Goddard, say there’s still a good chance that war hero Father Emil Kapaun will be awarded the Medal of Honor, but it looks like hopes are dimming for anything to happen this year.

Eugene Kapaun, brother of Fr. Emil Kapaun, died this morning

WICHITA — Eugene Kapaun, the brother of Korean War hero Fr. Emil Kapaun, died today. He was 86.

Boy's family requests prayers to Kapaun

Mason Medlam is in the fight of his young life. But he has defied the odds ever since he was born five years ago, his mother said, and he's doing it again.

Tiahrt promotes Kapaun Medal of Honor

Supporters of the effort to authorize a Medal of Honor for Father Emil Kapaun of Kansas got another boost this week.

Pole-vaulter returns to field after nearly dying

Chase Kear pole-vaulted at the Hutchinson Night Relays last weekend. As sports comebacks go, this comeback got up to only 10 feet, 6 inches.

Father Emil Kapaun: Former POWs say his miracle was providing them hope

Chase Kear does not seem at first glance to be the poster boy for a Vatican investigation involving sainthood. He chews a little dip, hits targets at turkey shoots, listens to country music when he rolls. In his Facebook profile photo he dresses the part of a halfnaked bandito in a sombrero. Hes a self-described redneck; also foolish and drunk and stupid at times in the past, he says, though less so since his accident.

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