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Delve into our yearlong multimedia coverage of Kansas' 150th anniversary of statehood, examining the people and events that shaped our state.

Interactive map: Kansas counties


Explore Kansas' 105 counties using our interactive graphic. Find out when counties were founded and how they got their names.

Kansas history by the decade

Explore Kansas history in these stories, photos and timelines, organized by decade:

1541-1860: New worlds and Indian territory
1861-1870: Crossroads to civil war
1871-1880: Clash of cultures
1881-1890: Keeping up with Wichita
1891-1900: The rise of populism
1901-1910: Reform and progression
1911-1920: From horses to autos and airplanes
1921-1930: Strikes, frivolity, racism and a crash in spending
1931-1940: Dust, depression and baseball
1941-1950: War years: Stoking the home fires
1951-1960: A Kansas son, a U.S. president
1961-1970: Unrest and patriotism
1971-1990: Franchise and separation
1991-2011: Two decades of volatile change

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