Q&A with Chiefs coach Andy Reid

03/25/2014 4:25 PM

03/25/2014 11:40 PM

Chiefs coach Andy Reid spoke to reporters Tuesday at the NFL’s annual meetings in Orlando. Here are some of the highlights of his remarks:

On his relationship with general manager John Dorsey:

“It’s been great. John and I had a history. I love his approach. He came in and brought the whole organization together with his personality. He’s a tough guy. We all know that, but yet he has this personality that just includes everybody.”

On whether he likes not making personnel decisions:

“For where I’m at in my career, I love it. I loved doing what I did in Philly, but I wanted to get back into coaching. I hadn’t done much of that for a few years. That’s why I got into the

business. It was great to dive back in and be able to be in the offensive meetings, the install meetings, call the plays, all that stuff.”

On what he learned about Alex Smith:

“I loved his accuracy. I love his want-to to be great … I love the way he took things over and challenged everybody around him. I appreciated his whole game. His approach to the game raised the whole team. He’s a gym rat. You’ve got to kick him out of the building. I was almost on secret double probation his first week in the building because he wanted to stay there forever. I’d have to kick him out. I said you gotta go.

“He’s a brilliant guy. He can digest a lot and not be paralyzed by it on the field. He’s not going to run out of gigabytes. He can still function well with a lot of knowledge.”

On whether he was surprised he was able to turn it around so quickly in Kansas City:

“You don’t know until you actually go out there and do it. I had a good feeling coming out of camp. I actually had a good feeling even before that when the veterans came to me and said, ‘listen, you just tell us what you want done, and we’ll do it.’ And then they did it, all the way through the season. I thought that was unique.”

On whether it is hard to get a team to bounce back mentally after blowing such a big lead in a playoff loss:

“I think it’s a great lesson to learn and something that will help us in the future. We were a young team. Second-youngest in the league or somewhere in there. You can’t take your foot off the accelerator against any team in this league let alone a good football team like Indy, and win the game. We’ve learned from it and have moved on.”

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