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December 16, 2012

Share a glass with Winston Churchill

What: Scion port

What: Scion port

Where: East-side Jacob Liquor Exchange

How much: $3,200

Lots of liquor stores have expensive bottles of champagne or liquor that would impress the average imbiber, but Jacob Liquor Exchange has bragging rights to two of the rarest bottles of the season: Scion port from Taylor Fladgate.

“Scion’s story sounds like a wine collector’s fantasy: Made from grapes harvested in 1855, before phylloxera decimated the vineyards of Europe, it was aged in wood for over 150 years,” according to Wine Enthusiast. “The precious Port was held in one family’s cellar in Portugal’s Douro Valley, with only a small quantity sold to Winston Churchill.”

Only 100 bottles are available in the United States.

“This is extravagant,” said Jacob wine director Jamie Stratton. “You’re talking about (the) purest of vines. This is rare as rare gets.”

Jacob has already sold a $3,200 bottle.

The person who bought the first bottle is “somebody who does his homework when it comes to what he’s drinking,” Stratton said.

He said the buyer appreciates the history of the wine as much as the taste.

“That’s what makes a wine drinker’s heart go pitter-patter. When you can afford it anyway.”

The store still has one bottle to sell.

Stratton said the price tag isn’t so much when you think about it.

“You’re talking about 1855,” he said. “That’s 20 bucks a year. That’s a pittance.”

Or less than a coffee a day.

“It’s 6 cents a day over the course of time,” Stratton said. “This is how I kind of like to look at things.”

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