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December 16, 2012

Why not a string of bling?

What: Line necklaces

What: Line necklaces

Where: Randy Cooper’s Fine Jewelry

How much: $58,500

While a tennis bracelet ringed with diamonds is a nice stocking stuffer, why not go all the way with the same thing in a necklace?

Line necklaces are similar to tennis bracelets but longer.

“They can be clicked together to make an opera-length necklace,” said Matt Marble of Randy Cooper’s Fine Jewelry.

The store carries an 18-inch line necklace with 155 diamonds and a 16-inch one with 140 diamonds. They have a combined total of 17.87 carats.

The 18-inch necklace is $31,000, and the 16-inch version is $27,500.

Making the pieces even more special, Marble said, is “these particular necklaces, the mountings are made by a single individual. … He’s Italian.”

The smart shopper will want to purchase both, of course, for the total effect.

“It’s going to be a more rare, a more special piece,” Marble said.

These are some of the more expensive pieces the store offers.

“We don’t really stock six-figure items,” Marble said. He said the store can certainly accommodate those who are looking for those even bigger and brighter holiday gifts.

“If it’s not out there, we can have it made,” he said. “There’s a resource for everything.”

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