Almost larger-than-life TV

12/16/2012 12:30 AM

12/16/2012 12:32 AM

What: 92-inch television

Where: Hephner TV & Electronics

How much: $3,999.95

This Christmas, how about a TV so big the people onscreen are nearly life-size?

Mitsubishi sells a unit that is more than 71/2 feet at the diagonal. It has 16 speakers built in, plus plenty of other technology and features too tedious to recount.

A few years ago, such a television would have cost tens of thousands of dollars, with lesser quality, if it was even possible. But electronics is the one field where things get dramatically better and cheaper every year.

The 92-inch-screen TV is so big that Greg Hephner, owner of Hephner TV & Electronics, thought it verged on the impractical. He figured he’d sell only two or three year. In fact, he’s selling two or three a month.

“Man inherently wants a bigger TV,” Hephner said, pronouncing one of the basic laws of human psychology.

And when he says “man” he doesn’t mean “mankind.”

He tells the story of a couple that came in recently. She wanted the 47-inch because it would better fit the room. He wanted the 55-inch because it was bigger than a friend’s. Guess who won?

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