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December 16, 2012

Handmade for two-steppin’ in style

What: Lucchese Caiman Cowboy Boots

What: Lucchese Caiman Cowboy Boots

Where: Sheplers, 6501 W. Kellogg

How much: $1,350

If you want to go two-steppin’ in style, these are the boots to do it in.

The boots are the top of the line at Wichita-based Sheplers, which claims to be the world’s largest Western wear store.

And they carry a high price tag for several reasons, said Kevin Reffner, manager of the Sheplers Wichita store. First is the material. Caiman, a member of the alligator family, resemble alligators in not only their appearance but also their skin. Therefore, the caiman used to make the boots resembles that of the more exotic alligator skin, he said.

Also, the boots are handmade in Texas by Lucchese Boot Co.

Reffner said Lucchese uses the highest-grade material in its boots. And Lucchese craftsmen are skilled at making the last, which is a form or mold for the shape of a foot that’s used to make and repair shoes and boots.

“Because of that last, that’s why you put on Lucchese boots,” Reffner said.

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