Not quite a Kansan

07/24/2011 8:46 AM

07/24/2011 8:46 AM

These athletes would’ve made the list but didn’t because of our “raised a Kansan” criteria:

Fred Clarke, baseball, Winfield, Baseball Hall of Famer, was born in Iowa, spent only few years in Winfield as a child.

George Grantham, baseball, Galena, 13-year .302 hitter, moved to Arizona prior to high school.

Si Griffis, hockey, Onaga, Hockey Hall of Famer, moved to Ontario before he took up the sport.

Ross Grimsley, baseball, Topeka, 124-game winner, born in Topeka but spent most of his youth in Tennessee.

Danny Manning, basketball, Lawrence, KU’s national player of the year, moved to Lawrence before his senior year.

Rudy May, baseball, Coffeyville, 16-year MLB pitcher (152-156, 3.46 ERA), moved to California before teen years.

Rodney Peete, football, Overland Park, 15-year NFL QB, moved to Overland Park as a high school senior.

Gale Sayers, football, Wichita/Speed NFL Hall of Famer, was born in Wichita, moved to tiny Speed, then to Omaha at age 8.

Ralph Terry, baseball, Larned, two-time Series winner with Yankees, settled in Kansas after playing career.

Tom Watson, golf, Mission Hills, he’s a Kansan now, but he grew up on the Missouri side of the line.

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