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The Grapevine (May 3)

This week in the garden: Low temperatures and hail threats delayed some planting again this week. Master gardener Everett Price’s tomatoes were ready to go into the ground, and he planned to plant cucumber and cantaloupe seed directly in the garden, as well as pepper transplants and sweet corn as it warms up again.

Gardener’s almanac (May 3)

Plant – Beans, cucumbers, eggplant, melons, lettuce, okra, pumpkins (wait until mid- to late June for Halloween-timed harvest), sweet corn, tomatoes.

Eastborough makeover to be on Junior League kitchen tour

Jon and Kathy Rosell are empty-nesters who keep their grown kids close: They try to have their sons and their families over for dinner every Sunday evening.

New farmers market among those opening in May

The dawning of May next week brings Herb Day and the opening of more farmers markets, including a new one on an urban farm in northeast Wichita.

The big bloom: Trees thick with flowers in Wichita area

The past week has been particularly floriferous for the Wichita area. People are saying that their redbuds and whitebuds, to name but two examples, have never been thicker with blooms.

Gardener’s almanac (April 26, 2014)

Plant – Collards, chard, carrots, melons, lettuce, sweet corn.

French tarragon, herb of the year, to star at Herb Day on May 3

Hyatt Regency executive chef Paul Freimuth will demonstrate how to cook with herbs, including the herb of the year, at the 19th annual Herb Day celebration May 3 at the Extension Education Center, 21st and Ridge Road.

The Grapevine (April 26)

Master gardener Everett Price continues to plant lettuce plants and a succession of green onions this week in his garden in Haysville. He is starting to harvest asparagus that has reached 6 to 8 inches, as well as some leafy greens. “Most of the plants are looking pretty nice,” he says. The flea beetles seem to have departed the arugula and mustard since he treated them with neem oil. “It looks like the new growth is looking good, without pinholes.”

What flower am I? Trust the sunflower

I keep saying I’m never going to take another one of those quizzes.

The Grapevine (April 19)

Associated Integrated Marketing and several other businesses will team up to give away 750 trees Friday morning to celebrate Arbor Day.

Spring cleaning tips from the pros

How do your cleaning skills compare to those of pros who’ve earned homeowners’ shining reviews?

Gardener’s almanac (April 19)

April weather – Hopefully, many plants dodged a bullet in the cold snap earlier this week, and we got some needed moisture along the way – along with a gorgeous morning Monday when we woke up to snow on the flowers. The below-freezing temperatures cooled off the soil, but hopefully the warm-up is back on track.

FloraKansas native plant sale, local music festival slated at Dyck Arboretum

The FloraKansas native plant sale next weekend will once again be joined by the Prairiestock Local Music Festival at Dyck Arboretum of the Plains in Hesston.

Deep chill could hurt fruit trees, exposed vegetable plants, more

Monday night had the potential to set record lows in Kansas, with Wichita’s forecast of 26 degrees just 1 degree shy of the record low temperature for this date: 25, which happened in 1928.

Setting the Easter table

While Easter isn’t until next weekend, this weekend’s spring backdrop is perfect for making preparations, as well as for enjoying on its own. Between the clear sweet birdsong that greets me in the morning and the loud yellow forsythia that catches the setting sun, I’m already getting a form of sugar rush from all the beauty.

Mix and match colorful dishes, linens

Light and breezy, super easy. That’s a good motto when it comes to setting a stunning table for Easter. Effective spring tablescapes are filled with intriguing layers and a beguiling combination of colors, yet they feel airy and fresh. Here are five ways to achieve this delicate balance.

Make cheery vases with scrapbook paper

Washi tape is so popular right now, but the patterns are limited, and buying many different patterns to mix and match can get costly.

The Grapevine (April 12)

As we visit master gardener Everett Price’s garden in Haysville this week, we find:

Gardener’s almanac (April 12)

Watch the weather – While we’ve had some really warm days, and Friday was the date of the average last spring frost, the forecast still calls for lows at night near 33 degrees – and some snow! (The snow is fine; it insulates plants on cold nights.) If you have planted a gamble garden with such things as tomatoes already, be prepared to cover plants on cold nights.

It is time to prepare garden for planting

You have to love it when you go to a gardener’s house and a plant stand is blocking your entry inside the front door.

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