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Preparation, inspection can help ensure your child’s safety this summer

Summer is a wonderful time to enjoy the simple pleasures of being outdoors. Unfortunately, thousands of children are injured playing during the summer months every year. Here are a few precautionary tips to help keep your child safe while enjoying outdoor activities the remainder of the summer.

The Paleo diet: Is it right for you?

Chelsea Granheim admits she was skeptical at first when a CrossFit trainer suggested she try the Paleo diet.

Yoga an effective stress-reliever

Whether it’s a looming deadline, missed bill payment or family conflict, stress is everywhere. According to a 2012 study by the American Psychological Association, about 80 percent of those surveyed said their stress level had increased or stayed the same over the past year. And finding ways to cope with it is a constant challenge.

Cows no longer have a monopoly on milk

Just a few years ago, the term “milk” was synonymous with the stuff that came from cows.

Aggressive allergies: When a rose may not smell so sweet

Is it possible that there are more chemicals being used in perfumes and sprays that are hurting more people than 10 or 20 years ago?

Losing hair as you age? Laser may help

When Mercedes Lopez first noticed her hair was falling out in the shower, she didn’t pay much mind to it.

Phyllo stands in for crust in healthy cherry pie

It wasn’t until I began my life as chef that I understood that cherry pie is supposed to be made with sour cherries, not the sweet ones we pop into our mouths like candy. Why? Because sour cherries boast more flavor. Unfortunately, the season for sour cherries is very short, roughly two weeks a year.

The science of shyness

Shy people have quite a bit to contend with – not least the word itself.

Alternative medicine goes mainstream

Kim Ricci is lying on her back on a table with hair-thin needles stuck in the hollows of her ears, five on each side. Several more puncture her wrists.

Polls about fitness and perception of the overweight

Every month, Vanity Fair magazine does a poll in conjunction with CBS’ “60 Minutes.” June’s subject is fitness, or, rather, how we feel about fitness. How would Americans feel about a fat president? Good news for some politicians (and yes, VF admits having a certain politician in mind): 64 percent of respondents said weight “has nothing to do with getting the job done.” Could we be attracted to someone who is out of shape? More good news for the less-than-svelte: 74 percent said yes.

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