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When it comes to skin products, less is more

Dornechia Carter, a Dallas-area dermatologist, said she has had patients try several unusual methods in their quest to be all-natural.

Backlash has begun against gluten-free dieters

The swelling ranks of Americans adopting gluten-free diets have given rise to another hot trend: people calling the whole thing a bunch of baloney. And then requesting that the baloney be sandwiched between two pieces of white bread. Served with a cookie for dessert.

Weight-loss stories: Four women share how they shed the pounds

Getting – and staying – motivated to lose weight can come from a variety of sources. For one woman, it was the desire to be a role model to her daughters. For another, the support of her friends and family helped keep her on track.

Sweatiquette, or how I learned to survive the summer heat

Just like last summer and the one before that, July and August are sticky, broiling and stifling. Aside from those suffering souls whose work keeps them outside or whose circumstances keep them in an unventilated environment, the heat is not so much a physical burden as it is a challenge to aesthetics, decorum and professionalism. It’s not easy to look powerful and composed with sweat pouring from areas you didn’t even know had sweat glands.

Don’t tune out your kids when you turn on your phone

When crazed LSD advocate Timothy Leary said, “Turn on, tune in, drop out,” he never dreamed that 50 years later those words would apply perfectly to our obsession with cellphones, HDTV and other digital devices. But 1.4 billion smartphones later, it’s clear that techno-intensity is making people drop out – of conversations, relationships and their own lives.

How to lose weight: Diet like a man

It’s a cliche that it’s easier for men to lose weight than it is for women. And while testosterone has a lot to do with that, registered dietitian Jim White says another big reason is how men approach food. In an article on Fitness magazine’s website, he suggests seven “dude-style habits” that might help women shed a few pounds, including:

Tips for preventing child deaths in hot cars

More than three dozen children die of hyperthermia in cars annually in the United States, and since 1998 more than 500 children have died in hot cars. Heatstroke can happen when the temperature is as low as 57 degrees, and car interiors can reach well over 110 degrees even when the outside temperature is in the 60s.

Code words and other strategies for defusing family conflict

For psychologist Constance Fischer, “tomato” can be a magic word.

You may have diabetes and not know it

About seven million people in the United States are unaware they have a serious, incurable disease – diabetes.

Study: US Alzheimer's rate seems to be dropping

The rate of Alzheimer's disease and other dementias is falling in the United States and some other rich countries — good news about an epidemic that is still growing simply because more people are living to an old age, new studies show.

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