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No sweat: Cool fashions to make hot workouts a breeze

July 27 at 2:14 p.m.

It’s pretty tempting when that temperature tilts past 90 degrees to opt for air-conditioned spaces. But if you’re trying to stay in shape and gyms aren’t for you, it’s still possible to get out and walk, or even run, in the heat.

  • How to beat the heat, look professional in the office

    If only “suiting up” in the summer meant simply wearing a swimsuit. One can dream, right? But unless you’re a lifeguard or river raft guide, you probably have an office dress code to adhere to. And, sadly, that doesn’t melt away when the weather turns hot.

  • Tips for taking a great selfie

    Your selfie has 600 likes on Instagram. Too bad that 580 of them are because of that piece of spinach in your teeth.

  • At 40, Hello Kitty is timeless

    She has no mouth, yet Hello Kitty speaks to generation after generation.

  • Cork popping up in shoes and accessories

    Cork. It’s not just for wine stoppers and bulletin boards anymore.

  • Map motifs are trendy this season

    With the rise of the GPS, the old-fashioned map has been reduced to an app. Yet nothing is as attractive to a die-hard traveler (other than a boarding pass) as the old blue-and-green classroom atlas or a nautical chart.

  • Flower power: Patterns plucked from the garden look lovely this season

    A walk through a field of wildflowers, or even your own backyard, might give you a bit of inspiration for your summer wardrobe.

  • Updating the gold standard to platinum

    For the last decade, Kaitlyn Cullinane has had her light-brown hair highlighted with golden tones in the winter and lighter ones during the warmer months. This year she decided to try something a little more dramatic.

  • Look forward to a season rich with color and texture

    After a long, hot summer, it’s a relief to look ahead to a cool new season. It’s going to be a season of rich colors, textured fabrics and diverse silhouettes, from roomy cocoon sweaters to skinny jeans.

  • In the bag

    If you want to add punch to your wardrobe this fall, go for an updated look in shoes or handbags — or both. “We all have favorite pieces, but when we leave the house we want to be wearing a great pair of shoes and carrying a wonderful handbag,” says Brenda Thomas of Nouveau.

  • Local jewelry makers show flair for accessories

    It’s not uncommon to come across jewelry created by local designers when you’re browsing the jewelry counters around Wichita in boutiques, museum gift shops and farmers markets.

  • Classic styles are new again as designers find inspiration in movies

    If you've ever doubted that fashion trends come and go and come and go again — and yet again — take a look at the fashion in movies from days gone by.

  • Summer fashion is full of lines, bold and subtle

    This summer, it’s easy to earn your stripes as a fashionista. Stripes are everywhere — wide, narrow, pinstripes, bold stripes, subtle stripes.

  • Let TV dads help guide your Father’s Day fashion gifts

    If he still treasures the wallet you got him last year, and “World’s Best Father” coffee mugs are crowding the kitchen shelves, consider what Dad would really like to unwrap on Sunday.

  • Sneakers: Where can’t they go?

    If sneakers have cracked the rarefied world of couture, where can’t they go?

  • Thrift shopping with a strategy

    Give me a secondhand store over a shopping mall any day.

  • Clothes that work for new grads hitting the job market

    You’ve earned the degree, nailed the interview and scored that first job. Now, it’s time to look the part. Navigating out of the casual college wardrobe and into workplace-appropriate outfits can be a pricey puzzle, but it doesn’t have to be.

  • Sharon Tate’s beauty, fashion timeless

    It was as if Twitter had slipped into a 1968 time warp, and Sharon Tate, the star-crossed ingenue of the flower-child era, was suddenly the hot new thing in Hollywood.

  • Made in the USA: Wichitans go the extra mile to buy American

    It’s something many people aspire to — buying as many things as possible that are made in America. Easier said than done. But some Wichitans take the extra time and effort – and money – to actually do it.

  • It’s the time of the tummy

    “Seven Nation Army” by the White Stripes was pulsating through the dimly lit Ab Attack class at Crunch gym near Union Square in New York on a recent morning. Jewlie Williams, 25, a fashion stylist, was in front of the packed room, wearing a tank top and leggings and following the instructor in a 30-minute nonstop sequence of standing crunches with high knees, planks and toe touches with legs raised: all exercises focused on developing the muscles of the midsection.

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