Food vendors at River Festival

06/01/2012 5:00 AM

06/01/2012 3:35 PM

Following is a list of some of the foods that will be offered at the main Wichita River Festival food court. For a complete list, visit

Chan’s Concessions

Egg roll, $2

Chicken on a stick, $7

Vegetable lo mein and rice, $5

Shrimp fried rice, $8

Steak on a stick, $7

D & J Pronto Pup Inc.

Pronto Pup, $3

Cheese on a stick, $4

Hot dog, $3

Dippin Dots

Dippin Dots (dish) (5 oz./8 oz./12 oz.) $4/$5/$8

Dippin Dots float, $5

Hoopingarner’s Philly Steak

Philly cheese steak, $6

Fried pickle, $5

Southern fried green tomatoes, $5

Chocolate dipped cheesecake, $5

Fresh cut fries, $4

Made 2 Grill

Funnel cake, $5

Chicken fried chicken with gravy, $7

Bratwurst, $4, $6

Breaded bratwurst on a stick, $6

Jumbo pork tenderloin sandwich, $7

Steak burger, $4

Chicken breast strips, $5

Twister fries, $4

Pizza Hut

6-inch personal pan pizza, $5

Cheese sticks, $5

Breadsticks, $4

Tad’s Chicken on a Stick

Chicken tenders on a stick, $7

Cajun shrimp on a stick, $7

Curly fry loaf, $6

The Original Corn Roast

Roasted corn, $4

Tater twist, $6

Baked potato/sweet potato, $6

Fried cheese sticks, $5

Corn in a cup, $4

Fried jalapeno poppers, $5

Onion blossoms, $7

Apple slices with caramel and pecans, $5


Lamb gyros on pita/bowl, $7, $6

Chicken artichoke on pita/bowl, $7, $6

Steak Romano on pita/bowl, $7, $6

Chicken oregano on pita/bowl, $7, $6

Veggie and portabella on pita/bowl, $7, $6

Pork Tuscany on pita/bowl, $7, $6

Monster Grill

Monster Hamburgers 1/2 lb., 1 lb., 2 lb., $8/$10/$15

Two-Pound Mega Monster, $20

Beef or chicken kabobs, $8

Hot pastrami sandwich, $8

Texas Reds’ Catering

Turkey legs, $8

Beef brisket sandwich, $7

Turkey brisket sandwich, $7

Prime rib sandwich, $8

Hot polish sausage sandwich, $4

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