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Review: Angela’s Cafe and Cantina No. 2 serves simple, tasty Mexican fare

When you pull in to the parking lot of Greenwich Plaza, you’ll see a liquor store, a massage parlor and a bar. Then you’ll spot Angela’s Cafe and Cantina No. 2.

Taqueria focuses on what it does best: tacos

Conventional thinking about the evolution of the taco puts its origins at the end of the 19th century, which is surprisingly recent for a dish that today serves as the foundation of Mexican cuisine.

3 things to know about Death by Chocolate

The eight annual fundraiser for Exploration Place takes place at the museum, 300 N. McLean, and will fill the halls with all things chocolate.

Three food fundraisers and other restaurant news


3 events to celebrate Fat Tuesday

Should they be so inclined, Wichita Mardis Gras fans could celebrate Fat Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. this year without taking a breath or a break.

Beer geeks get ready for Strong Ale Fest

Strong ale isn’t the dark, sometimes bitter stuff that hardcore beer lovers drink for fun without flinching.

Two Wichita bars open, another returns

Wichita has gained two new bars over the last couple of weeks, and an old one has reopened after closing down for a couple of months.

Review: Not much has changed at Ah So – and that’s a good thing

I was giving my son a ride to his gym the other day and got stopped at the light at Lincoln and Oliver. When I glanced to my right, I noticed Ah So, and memories from the early ’80s came flooding back. After I realized how lucky I was to have survived that era, I remembered eating at Ah So a lot and enjoying it tremendously. I made a mental note to return soon to see if it had changed at all.

Jettys/Walkers enhances arena experience

Back when arena proponents were trying to sell voters on the idea of building the place, they would frequently reference all the awesome restaurants and bars that would surely pop up around it.

Make plans now for special Valentine restaurant meals

Valentine’s Day is on a Friday this year, which means that competition for tables could be a little stiff.

Last-minute Valentine’s Day treats

Few days of the year offer a better excuse to gorge on cookies, cakes and chocolate goodness than Valentine’s Day. Several local bakeries say they will still have plenty of stock through the day Friday for last-minute treat buyers.

Review: No reservations about Town and Country

Town and Country is one of those restaurants in Wichita that seems to have been around forever. And after 47 years in business, it appears to still be going strong as evidenced by the large crowds waiting to be seated on any given weekend morning.

Two Mexican restaurants changing identities


Review: Buffet, customer service set Sweet Basil apart

While some may consider Sweet Basil a “been-there-dined-there” restaurant, this northeast Wichita mainstay deserves a revisit.

Deano’s sports a good menu for game nights

When all the basketball teams in your state have outstanding years simultaneously, the need for an outstanding place to watch the game while enjoying beer, burgers and fan fellowship becomes pretty important.

No-frills Pho Hien a top choice for soup – like hoanh thanh

As part of the Eagle’s dining panel, I’m charged with trying new things and reporting on what’s good. So I recently steeled myself, stepped out of my comfort zone and ordered … chicken noodle soup. A Vietnamese version of it, anyway.

Le Monde’s authentic dishes always deliver great taste

On the rare occasion my wife and I get to have a lunch date, one of the first places that comes to mind is Le Monde Cafe & Deli.

Three Lunar New Year celebrations

The Lunar New Year begins on Friday, and several local Asian restaurants will be celebrating with dragon dancers. Among them:

With her Soup Kitchen, Tanya Tandoc sticks to what works

Whether you became a fan of Tanya Tandoc during her time in the kitchen of Larkspur, at one of her cooking classes, from her self-published collections of recipes, or from her restaurant reviews on KMUW, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone in the Wichita food scene who hasn’t been influenced by her.

Balloon artist’s popularity blowing up at Wichita-area restaurants

There are balloon animals – the cute little doggies and twisty giraffes that clowns make at festivals.

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