Dining With Denise Neil

June 25, 2013

U-Hungry Truck: Wichita's first food truck?

Dining With Denise Neil

Denise Neil has the latest Wichita restaurant news, with comings & goings, recent reviews, the question of the week and more.

The U-Hungry Truck I was out reviewing a restaurant last night when I stumbled across something interesting in the restaurant’s parking lot — a food truck I’d never seen before.

After quizzing its owner and sole employee, I discovered that this truck — called U-Hungry Truck — might just be one of Wichita’s pioneering mobile restaurants.

Arturo Ray hit the streets with the truck two years ago. He serves a little bit of everything, including fried catfish, fried shrimp, chicken wings, tacos, burritos, brats, pulled pork and Polish sausage.

He doesn’t operate like the other food truckers, do. Ray tends to drive around an area bordered by 21st Street, 17th Street, Oliver and I-135. When he sees people who look hungry, he stops and cooks for them. When I found him, he’d stopped at  Dollar General to buy more paper products and decided to just stay parked there for a bit and serve food. Arturo Ray Ray said he tried updating his location via Facebook, but when he did, he got a huge line that he couldn’t handle. His method works better, he said, and his regulars know his patterns.

Those who want to try U-Hungry can call Ray at 810-210-2592 to find out where he is. The truck is red and decorated with lots of vintage signs.

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