Dining With Denise Neil

April 22, 2013

German food truck about to hit the streets

Dining With Denise Neil

Denise Neil has the latest Wichita restaurant news, with comings & goings, recent reviews, the question of the week and more.

The food trucks just keep rolling and rolling and rolling out. The latest one is German.

Manuela English plans to open Let’m Eat Brats, a German-themed food truck, sometime in May. It’ll serve German brats on crusty bread, warm potato salad, German cabbage, bierocks and strudel, among other items.

English, who is of German decent, has been working as a baker at Green Acres for the past eight years. She’s lived in the United States for 20.

Her children are grown and gone, and she’s decided to give the food truck biz a try. “I figured I’d jump on the wagon, so to speak,” she said. Let’m eat these The truck will park at various spots around town, although English is not sure exactly where just yet. She’s been getting tips from the owners of Espresso to Go Go and The Flying Stove. 

She’ll start with lunch only but may move into dinner, depending on how it goes.

I’ll let you know when the truck hits the streets.

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