Dining Panel review: My Dad’s BBQ and Catering

12/07/2012 7:48 AM

12/07/2012 7:49 AM

Barbecue is one of America’s truly original cuisines, and in this part of the country, it may also be one of the most polarizing. Everyone, save vegetarians, has a favorite place to indulge in slow-cooked, smoky meat goodness.

Located just down the street from one of the better-known barbeque restaurants in town, My Dad’s BBQ is a relative newcomer to the Wichita ’cue scene. The menu at My Dad’s has all that you would expect from a barbecue joint, plus a few surprises. In addition to the standard meats, the restaurant offers smoked bologna and baby back ribs. As far as sides go, you can have your coleslaw and beans or enjoy the less common collard greens or smoked mac ’n’ cheese.

When trying a new barbeque establishment, I always opt for the combo platter so I can get a feel for several types of meat plus a few sides. I was willing to take a gamble on the smoked bologna, but unfortunately they were out. Instead I went with brisket, pulled pork and baby back ribs. I also ordered the beans and smoked mac ’n’ cheese. My dining guest ordered the brisket meal with beans and coleslaw.

The brisket was sliced to a medium thickness and despite having good flavor was a bit dry. The pulled pork was some of the best I have sampled in town. The hickory smoke and subtle rub were in perfect balance with the moist pork. The baby back ribs had a nice, slightly sweet rub applied to them and were properly cooked to offer some resistance when biting into them.

The homemade barbeque sauce that was served on the side was a good combination of Kansas City-style sweetness meets North Carolina-style tanginess. The beans were bathed in this sauce as well and offered some spiciness also. As for the mac ’n’ cheese, you really can’t go wrong with creamy pasta and smoky chunks of bacon. While it could have used a bit more salt, it was a top-notch barbecue side dish.

My Dad’s is primarily set up for carryout dining, but there are a few tables in the cozy dining area for those wishing to bask in the smoky aroma while enjoying their meal. The staff and owner/pitmaster were friendly and provided us with good service.

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