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Horror flick events aim for 'Wichitawesome'

A local filmmaker and horror movie aficionado is trying to make the Wichita movie scene more "Wichitawesome," one Exorcist head spin, one set of creepy "redrum" twins at a time.

Big Time Rush show brings some members close to home

Today's Big Time Rush concert is the big-time ticket seller at this year's Kansas State Fair.

Cinemas Alfresco to feature films with a twist

Hard to believe it's been nine years since the first Cinemas Alfresco, an ingenious event that turned a bar parking lot into a drive-in movie theater, only with lawn chairs.

Car dealers' promos adopt the style of 'reality' TV

Apparently, pop culture sells cars. Lately, I've noticed a couple of local car dealerships treading into reality television territory.

Wedding movies to remember

I love weddings — the fluffy dresses, the soft mints, the open bar, the inevitable public meltdown of at least one family member.

Stars show us aging's nothing to worry over

I'm beginning to think that 60 is the new 30. The evidence is overwhelming, especially in the entertainment world.

Wichita, think you've got talent?

We already know that "America's Got Talent," thanks to NBC's 6-year-old reality show that gives singers, dancers, jugglers, magicians, tumblers and yodelers prime time network exposure.

Von Trapp carries on musical tradition

When your last name is von Trapp, you get the question every single day. "The von Trapps?"

A day of celebration for records

Gary Jones is inviting Wichita to come hang out at his shop and listen to records all day next Saturday.

Zombies will turn to busy bodies at WSU

Don't freak out if you happen to be on the Wichita State University campus next week and you notice panicked students engaged in desperate foot-pursuits

City, Bret Michaels have long history

Bret Michaels has a long, long relationship with Wichita, and I should know. I was there during many of his band Poison's frequent stops at the Kansas Coliseum during the height of their late 1980's dirty talking, cat dragging fame. (I'm still trying to forgive him for a 1988 fan meet-n-greet at the Kansas Coliseum that I attended but he did not. Riki Rocket was no Bret Michaels.)

Dancing with joy: Kirstie is back on TV

Recently, I noticed that I hadn't noticed Kirstie Alley's white SUV parked outside of her College Hill house or heard stories of her pushing her grocery cart through Dillon's or dropping in on a Zumba class.

Price was right for local real estate agent

My memories of summer mornings at my Grandma's house have a distinctive "The Price is Right" soundtrack.

The more awkward the photo, the better

Depending on how well you all play along with my latest idea, I might — just might —publish "The Photo." The Photo features me at age 12, my giant smile revealing my pre-braces overbite.

Board game fundraiser anything but boring

The currency of my childhood was pink, green and yellow. I saved it up to buy coveted property like Park Place and Boardwalk, which I'd populate with red and green plastic houses.

OMG! 16-year-old Bieber might be getting a little old

I do not have Bieber fever.

Kansas cast of Hollywood notables gets a bit longer

As if there was ever any doubt, Kansas is perfectly capable of producing star-caliber residents. Just last week on this page, writer Bob Curtright produced a 74-inch story about Kansans who went on to make it big in film and television. (For your information, 74 inches is newspaper-speak for "very, very long story.")

Wichita balloons have starring role in TLC show

Wichita's collective ego is likely to inflate when a new TLC reality series debuts next week. The city is home to Pioneer Balloon Co., which will provide all of the balloons for "The Unpoppables," an "Ace of Cakes"- esque show that begins Feb. 7.

'Makeover' about to land in Wichita once more

When "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" built its first house in the Wichita area, it was a big deal.

Will 'Idol's' new faces work? You be the judge

If you'd asked me during the first season of "American Idol" — or really any other season after that — who would be the last judge standing, I never would have picked Randy Jackson, dawg.

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