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Dancing with joy: Kirstie is back on TV

Recently, I noticed that I hadn't noticed Kirstie Alley's white SUV parked outside of her College Hill house or heard stories of her pushing her grocery cart through Dillon's or dropping in on a Zumba class.

Price was right for local real estate agent

My memories of summer mornings at my Grandma's house have a distinctive "The Price is Right" soundtrack.

The more awkward the photo, the better

Depending on how well you all play along with my latest idea, I might — just might —publish "The Photo." The Photo features me at age 12, my giant smile revealing my pre-braces overbite.

Board game fundraiser anything but boring

The currency of my childhood was pink, green and yellow. I saved it up to buy coveted property like Park Place and Boardwalk, which I'd populate with red and green plastic houses.

OMG! 16-year-old Bieber might be getting a little old

I do not have Bieber fever.

Kansas cast of Hollywood notables gets a bit longer

As if there was ever any doubt, Kansas is perfectly capable of producing star-caliber residents. Just last week on this page, writer Bob Curtright produced a 74-inch story about Kansans who went on to make it big in film and television. (For your information, 74 inches is newspaper-speak for "very, very long story.")

Wichita balloons have starring role in TLC show

Wichita's collective ego is likely to inflate when a new TLC reality series debuts next week. The city is home to Pioneer Balloon Co., which will provide all of the balloons for "The Unpoppables," an "Ace of Cakes"- esque show that begins Feb. 7.

'Makeover' about to land in Wichita once more

When "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" built its first house in the Wichita area, it was a big deal.

Will 'Idol's' new faces work? You be the judge

If you'd asked me during the first season of "American Idol" — or really any other season after that — who would be the last judge standing, I never would have picked Randy Jackson, dawg.

Organizers are having fun with fundraisers

Wichita's long list of fundraising events always offer their share of fun-raising as well, with well-dressed Wichitans socializing, sipping wine and sampling food for a good cause.

What I want for Christmas is a card

Normally by Dec. 19, a window ledge in my dining room is overflowing with Christmas cards lined up side by side, adding a festive, friendly feel to my holiday decor.

Young burger inventor is a bit of a ham

In the days since his big burger win, 12-year-old Donovan Duggins has been described in many ways by people who know him best.

Southeast High grad gleeful about TV experience

Southeast High grad Chris Mann has done a lot to distinguish himself since fleeing Wichita for a showbiz career in L.A.

O come, o come, clever holiday rhymers

(To the tune of "Silent Night")

Dad's mission: Help save music in schools

An elementary school gym might seem like an unusual place for a rock concert.

'Rules' lands Wichitan a shot at lasting fame

Over the years, I've written about Wichitans on "The Bachelor," Wichitans on "Oprah" and Wichitans on "American Idol."

Halloween calls for Lady Gaga

If last weekend's Boo and Brew Bash is any indication, Wichita is going gaga for Lady Gaga costumes this Halloween.

Boston journalist finds a few Kinks in his travel schedule

Wichita should take it as a compliment that Geoff Edgers, a moviemaking journalist from Boston, is planning to attend this month's Tallgrass Film Festival.

Wichita gets more shots at being on TV

There's something oddly exciting about Wichita making it on television, no matter the reason.

People behind ads are getting sneakier

The invention of the DVR was glorious in so many ways, not the least of which was that television fans could reclaim hours and hours of their lives once lost to sitting through commercials.

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