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October 26, 2012

‘Death by China’ presents chilling vision

“Death by China” is a documentary with one undeniable goal: Make you hate China.

“Death by China” is a documentary with one undeniable goal: Make you hate China.

It explores the increasingly destructive economic trade relationship between the U.S. and a rapidly rising China, through interviews with several economists and legislators.

It all started when China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001, something President Bill Clinton lobbied heavily for. After that, the film says, many corporations and manufacturers moved their production plants to China, where they could get cheap labor and make more of a profit.

That cost a lot of jobs in America, the film says. It also explores how China intentionally doesn’t follow WTO rules, utilizing illegal subsidizing and manipulating deals. The film all but says China is out to overcome America by slowly owning more of it.

It’s all certainly an eye-opener, and will make you want to buy only U.S. products — if we can find any. Apparently, America manufactures almost nothing now.

“Death by China” is alarming, if we’re to believe everything it presents. There’s a very heavy-handed approach here — it does everything but draw an evil villain mustache on the China flag.

It kind of feels like an infomercial, though, probably in its attempt to be accessible. The film does do a good job of breaking everything down and presenting it in layman’s terms.

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