Share the Season: Single mom of 5 at ‘point of losing everything’

12/14/2012 7:45 AM

12/14/2012 7:45 AM

Share the Season is an annual campaign that offers one-time aid to people affected by unforeseen hardships. The people are not identified to protect their privacy.

As a single mother of five children, including 2-year-old twins, this 29-year-old woman faces plenty of challenges.

But those challenges have been particularly difficult lately because illness has forced her to miss a lot of work. She also doesn’t have any health insurance.

“I rarely ask for help,” she wrote in her application. “(But) I am at the point of losing everything.”

Besides the twins – a boy and a girl – she has sons 4 and 5 and a daughter, 11. She said she has been trying to work extra hours to catch up.

“I am having a hard time,” she wrote. “The gift from Share the Season will make a difference in my life because I will be able to see some light at the end of the tunnel. It also will give me hope that we will be OK.”

So far, Share the Season has raised $134,605.

Send contributions to Share the Season at the Wichita Community Foundation, 301 N. Main, Suite 100, Wichita, KS 67202.

To donate online, go to Or use your smartphone to scan the QR code near this story.

Donors will be listed in The Eagle; please note if you prefer to remain anonymous.

Among recent donors:

Michael and Julia Audo; Barbara Case, in memory of Jack & Marie Parke and Edith Payne; Don and Cindy Cornette; DeeAnne Fahnestock; Don Feldt, in memory of Linda Mann; Dana Hamant; A.C. Hunsaker; Jennifer Jeskie; Penny Kylar, in memory of Vernon & Florence Johnson; James and Gloria Nuss; Shirley Overstreet, in memory of Larry Overstreet and Mary Horine;

Jim Peebler; Cameron and Shelly Prichard, in memory of Jim Dicken; Robert and Carmen Razook; David and Linda Roberts; Douglas and Brenda Roth; Charles and Nina Roush; George Stump; Bradford and Patricia Sweet; Renee Young, in memory of Kevin Peschka; and nine anonymous donors.

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