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Movie Maniac

The Eagle's Rod Pocowatchit's musings on the screen scene

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‘Snowpiercer’ pioneering new method of movie distribution

There hasn’t been a “buzzier” movie this summer than “Snowpiercer,” a post-apocalyptic tale about survivors aboard a train who are all that is left of mankind after a failed climate-change experiment brings a new Ice Age and wipes out the planet.

Three stories unfold in Paul Haggis’ ‘Third Person’

Paul Haggis is not a subtle filmmaker.

Fan helps bring 1977 film ‘Sorcerer’ to Wichita’s Warren Old Town

Back in the early 1970s, William Friedkin was on a hot streak.

Quiz: How well do you know ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’?

Ahoy, mateys!

‘Tammy’ joins the list of worst movie titles

The title of a movie is very important.

Harrison Ford’s broken leg one in long list of actors’ on-set mishaps

As much as we’d like to think our favorite movie stars are indestructible, they’re just not. Case in point: Harrison Ford.

From ‘Finding Nemo’ to “Boyz N the Hood’: 10 memorable movie dads

Sometimes, father does know best. But not always, especially in the movies. So in honor of Father’s Day, here are 10 memorable (but not necessarily good) movie dads:

‘Jupiter Ascending’ release delayed for work on special effects

There was lots of movie news this week. A quick recap of highlights:

Rated R for raunchy: How much movie smut is enough?

This will be the summer of smut.

Review: ‘A Million Ways to Die’ is tacky, bawdy and sophomoric

Seth MacFarlane brings his “Family Guy” and “Ted” mentality to the Old West as co-writer, director and star of “A Million Ways to Die in the West,” an expectedly crude, raunchy, sometimes gross comedy that hits a lot of marks and goes too far in others.

Summer movie season brings spectacles, sequels and action films

As it does every year, the official summer movie season starts earlier and earlier. “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” kicked off this year’s season on May 2, so we’re already well into it.

Review: ‘Chef’ will satisfy film-goers’ hunger

Foodies will absolutely love “Chef,” the amiable comedy/drama/road trip film from writer-director and star Jon Favreau. The food shown in the movie looks absolutely scrumptious, and the sound of it cooking and sizzling will undoubtedly make you hungry.

Riveting ‘Hornet’s Nest’ takes viewers deep into war in Afghanistan

Calling “The Hornet’s Nest” a documentary isn’t quite right. “Reality film” would probably be more accurate.

Original ‘Godzilla’ was a dark, scary metaphor

If there’s any movie monster that’s had a bad rap, it’s Godzilla.

Review: ‘Neighbors’ is stupid, silly fun

“Neighbors” is an “Animal House” for a “Hangover” generation. Lewd. Crude. And yes, at times, nude.

Movie Maniac: ‘South Pacific’ doc explores musical’s effect on race relations

Music Theatre of Wichita and Tallgrass Film Association are partnering for a special event in celebration of MTW’s 43rd season opener, “South Pacific.”

Great Plains Nature Center to host Fly-Fishing Film Festival

Now here’s an underserved film festival demographic: fishermen. Well, no more!

Hollywood has faith in Christian films

There’s a new power player at the box office, one that doesn’t need an agent: God.

Tallgrass Film Association fundraiser includes beer cocktail competition

Tallgrass Film Association, the organization that annually produces the Tallgrass Film Festival, is holding a fundraiser.

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