Denise Neil

October 10, 2010

Boston journalist finds a few Kinks in his travel schedule

Wichita should take it as a compliment that Geoff Edgers, a moviemaking journalist from Boston, is planning to attend this month's Tallgrass Film Festival.

Wichita should take it as a compliment that Geoff Edgers, a moviemaking journalist from Boston, is planning to attend this month's Tallgrass Film Festival.

He doesn't travel to too many of the cities where his documentary "Do It Again" — about his passionate quest to reunite members of the 1960s British Invasion group The Kinks — is screening on its film festival tour. And it's screening in a lot of cool places, including several cities overseas.

But Edgers is the dad of a 5-month-old, and solo traveling is a little too indulgent these days, he said.

Also — he's out of vacation time at the Boston Globe, where he works as a reporter covering art and culture.

He's digging up some comp time to come to Wichita, though, because the festival caught his eye.

"It has a really good reputation, and it looks like one of those unexpectedly great festivals," said Edgers, who's learned in the past few months that the New Yorks and Los Angeleses aren't the only places that have a vibrant film culture.

"In a lot of places you don't expect, there are people with a lot of culture who are really passionate about things," he said.

Edgers would be particularly qualified to recognize passion.

"Do It Again" is, on the surface, a film about The Kinks, a band best known for hits such as "Lola" and "You Really Got Me" — and for the bitter feuding between band leaders and brothers, Ray and Dave Davies.

But the movie, it turns out, isn't as much about The Kinks as it is about Edgers, who's about to turn 40 at a time when his profession (and mine) is taking a beating. He wants to "do something big" before he turns 40.

In the film, Edgers uses all of his journalism skills — tireless phone calling and persistent source hounding — to try to set up a meeting with the Davies brothers.

He finally succeeds in pinning down Dave Davies, whose on-camera interview is surprisingly candid and sort of heartbreaking.

Along the way, Edgers is shown talking about crumbling finances with his super-cool wife, Carlene, explaining the concept of family feuds to his adorable, lobster-loving daughter Lila, and enduring the indignity of a pay cut at the paper.

To take his mind off of his recession blues, he stalks the Davies brothers across America and England and persuades several famous Kinks fans — Sting, actress Zooey Deschanel and R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck among them — not only to talk to him on camera but also to sing Kinks songs with him.

Edgers' film will air at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 22 at the Scottish Rite Temple.

He'll be there to introduce the film and to answer questions afterward.

Carlene and Lila also will be there, and 8-year-old Lila is particularly excited for the post-show activity.

"She'll be signing autographs," Edgers said with a laugh.

Rock starlet in training?

If you go

'Do It Again' at Tallgrass

What: A screening of Boston Globe journalist Geoff Edgers' documentary "Do It Again," about his quest to reunite The Kinks

Where: Scottish Rite, 332 E. First St.

When: 5:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 22

How much: Tickets are $9 general admission.

For more information, visit

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