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07/11/2010 12:00 AM

08/08/2014 9:58 AM

The Emmy nominations came out this week, and I'm happy to report that the nominating committee finally seems to be getting it.

And by "getting it" I mean nominating the shows I watch and the actors I like who star on those shows.

As I gleefully scanned the list (which included lots of "Glee") I did not become the least bit mad (because the list also included lots of "Mad Men"). Following are a few of the deep Emmy thoughts I had upon ingesting the news of the nominations:

* Jon Hamm is definitely going to be at the Emmys: And this means I will definitely be watching. How could Hamm, the dreamboat who plays Don Draper on AMC's amazing "Mad Men," not attend the ceremony? Not only is he nominated for outstanding actor in a drama for his portrayal of an oddly appealing 1960s jerk/mute adman on "Mad Men," but he's also nominated for outstanding guest actor in a comedy series for his portrayal of Liz Lemon's hot but unhinged love interest in "30 Rock."

* All of my other favorite "Mad Men" actors are also going to be at the Emmys: My favorite show, which starts its fourth season on July 25, keeps gaining steam, as is evidenced in this year's Emmy nods. Not only did Hamm get an acting nomination, but so did John Slattery and (finally!) all of the lead women, including January Jones, Christina Hendricks and Elisabeth Moss. Part of the joy of seeing the "Mad Men" cast on awards shows, by the way, is seeing them dressed in 2010 fashions. They pull off the '50s/'60s era so convincingly in every episode that it's easy to forget the actors actually exist in modern times. And they look so different.

* I should be watching "Modern Family." I already knew this because all of the very smart and funny women who sit near me at work have been going on and on about how much they love this show since it premiered. I missed the beginning, and although I watched the pilot on Hulu and loved it, I've never taken the time to get caught up. Now, Emmy has validated what my co-workers already knew, by nominating the show for outstanding comedy and five of its lead actors for outstanding supporting actor or actress in a comedy. "Modern Family" men, as a matter of fact, got three of the six slots in the supporting actor category. Time to rededicate myself to Hulu, or get those reruns on the DVR.

* They got it right with "Glee": Of course Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele and Jane Lynch, who lead the cast with sincerity, singing and snarking, respectively, were going to get nominations. But I was pleased to see that Emmy recognized ensemble member Chris Colfer, who's so touchingly hilarious as gay student Kurt. Colfer was nominated for outstanding supporting actor in a comedy instead of oafish Finn, who is aptly but not as expertly acted by Corey Monteith.

* Elizabeth Mitchell was a guest actress on "Lost"? That doesn't make any sense to me. Mitchell's Juliette was a main character in 53 episodes over four of the series' six seasons. That's an awfully long time to be a guest anywhere. Oh, well. As long as "Blondie" got a nomination, it doesn't really matter what category.

* Is Mariska Hargitay Emmy's new Kelsey Grammar? It's not that I doubt the acting chops of "Special Victims Unit's" lead actress, but it's starting to seem like Emmy has made a secret agreement to nominate her every year, much like they did "Frasier's" Grammar through most of the 1990s. She's been nominated every year since 2004 and has won once, in 2006.

The Emmys will air on NBC on Sunday, Aug. 29.

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