We're still living in 'Lost' days

06/27/2010 12:00 AM

08/08/2014 9:58 AM

Fans of "Lost" have lost "Lost" from their weekly viewing schedules.

But as any diehard fan has probably noticed, "Lost" still lingers — and not only in the form of reruns that randomly show up on your DVR.

It's in the little ways that "Lost" continues to creep into our minds, our memories and our vernaculars.

The way I cannot stop calling people "Brutha" in my best Desmond Scottish.

The way I keep imagining the smoke monster is after me when summertime bugs are singing or when something's on fire in the horizon.

The way that every yellow lab I see is Vincent and I want to call every doctor who treats me "Doc."

Now, there's a month-old blog called "My Life Is Lost" (http://mylifeislost.tumblr.com), and it's brilliantly collecting all these little "Lost" experiences, lest we lose them.

It started earlier this month and already has several very funny stories from fans who just can't let go.

This is one of my favorites, which refers to a scene where a passenger explodes and Jorge Garcia's character, Hurley, makes a memorable observation:

"Today my sister and I were making spaghetti, and when we opened the can of sauce, chunks of tomatoes flew all over us. I turn to her and say, 'Dude, you've got some Arzt on you.'"

I also laughed out loud and turned around to read this post to a fellow "Lost" fan in the office. It refers to scenes in the final episodes of "Lost" in which control of the island keeps getting symbolically passed along, via shared sips of river water.

"The other day, I convinced my friend to try a new drink, and he really liked it. As he sipped it, I put my hand on his shoulder and said 'You're like me now'"

One of the reasons I debated watching "Lost" when it first debuted was that I knew it started with a nasty plane crash. A lifelong fearful flyer, I try to avoid any entertainment that starts with a nasty plane crash.

But now I'm thinking we fearful flyers can take some comfort from a basic "Lost" lesson the next time we fly. This poster's friend did:

"My friend texted me from the airport the other day: 'I know this plane won't go down on an island. There aren't enough pretty people.' "

I can relate to the next post for a couple of reasons: One is that far too few of my friends watched "Lost," which will diminish the joy when inevitable "My Life Is Lost" moments pop up in the future. The other reason is that the island in my kitchen is also quite unstable.

"Last week I was in a kitchen leaning on the island in the middle, not realizing it was on wheels. I spontaneously said, 'I moved the island. Just like on "Lost." 'Only one person got the reference, and I felt happy and sad at the same time..."

Just like "Lost," the posts on "My Life Is Lost" are a good mix of humor and poignancy. This one made me a little verklempt, and seems like a fitting way to close this column.

"Last week I moved home from university for the summer, so I had to say goodbye to all my friends there. One friend in particular is obsessed by 'Lost,' and knows I am too. We hugged, and he said one thing: 'See you in another life, brother.' "

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