Alley's 'Twitstock' plan has followers excited

05/09/2010 12:00 AM

08/08/2014 9:57 AM

Wichita's No. 1 celebrity has big plans for her hometown — a spectacular "Twitstock" that already has a lot of people virtually excited, even though it's still just a concept and more than a year away.

Kirstie Alley, the movie and reality-television star who grew up in Wichita and still lives here part time, has lately been filling her Twitter feed with excited posts about a plan to host a giant Twitter gathering in Wichita in the spring of 2011.

Her excitement has spilled over into the local Twitter community, members of which are doing some pre-organizing, just in case Alley needs their help.

Twitter, for those who don't know, is a social media tool found at that allows users to post a constant stream of online updates, 140 characters at a time.

Alley discovered Twitter while in Wichita a couple of years ago, assisted by her now-assistant Kyle Little, whom she met when he was working in a local furniture store.

Since then, she's been among the most prolific of tweeting celebrities, regularly updating her feed, sometimes at a rate of several times an hour.

She loves Twitter, and now via Twitter she's announced a plan to throw a giant Twitter party in Wichita.

It all started about a week ago when Alley posted a string of tweets about the idea.

"We could rent a FAIR GROUND and have an enormous TWITTER PARTY," she wrote on May 3. "Everyone could pay 20 bucks for music and snack ... could be fun!!"

In the hour or so following, Alley got more and more excited about the idea. Three more posts quickly followed.

"Yes, yes, yes... I'm going to start working on TWITSTOCK ... for SPRING 2011 ... in Wichita KANSAS!!! The biggest twitter party/concert on earth."


"OK WICHITA PEEPS ... FIND us a Venue for LOTS of people to have a PARTY ... Some place FUN!!! AND HUGE!!"

And then...

"WONDER how much the NEW CONCERT place off Douglas is ... anybody know? I'm gonna have KYLE check it out. He's in Wichita now!!"

The new concert place, I'm assuming, is Intrust Bank Arena, and Kyle is of course Kyle Little, whom I messaged through Twitter to ask about the plan.

"I asked her this morning, and she said she's excited about the idea and looking into it," he responded. "That's about it for the moment, though."

Alley's enthusiasm, in the meantime, is catching on locally.

Her tweets drew responses from lots of people, locally and otherwise. She even tried to corner her famous friend Jordan Knight into committing his New Kids on the Block for the party. "That sounds like a blast," he replied. "Keep me posted."

Local Twitter user Linda Gregory follows Alley and was watching the plan unfold. She took it upon herself to set up a Facebook page that would bring together the people interested in organizing or attending such an event in Wichita. A few days later, Gregory had more than 100 people signed up for the page.

"So many people started saying that they thought it was a good idea that I thought it would be better if we started a place where people who wanted to volunteer could volunteer so she had a place to pull from," Gregory said.

She attempted to send Alley messages through Twitter and finally heard back, sort of.

Alley replied to Gregory in her public feed on Thursday saying, "This EXCITING!!! WE ARE going to pull off TWITSTOCK SPRING of 2011!!! It will be sooo much fun!! A GIANT DANCE PARTY!!"

If Alley's all-caps enthusiasm is any indication, Wichita's going to need a full calendar year to prepare for this party.

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