March 17, 2013

Eighth Day Books: New & recommended


Eighth Day Books


1. “Navigating Early” by Clare Vanderpool

2. “Liberal Arts for the Christian Life” ed. by Jeffry Davis and Philip Ryken

3. “Chesterton: The Nightmare Goodness of God” by Ralph Wood

4. “Wichita’s Lebanese Heritage” by Jay Price and Victoria Sherry

5. “Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week” by Pope Benedict XVI

6. “Christ is in Our Midst: Letters from a Russian Monk” by “Father John” (Anonymous)

7. “Thoughts in Solitude” by Thomas Merton

8. “Reaching Out: The Three Movements of the Spiritual Life” by Henri Nouwen

9. “Contemplative Prayer” by Thomas Merton

10. “The Work of Enchantment:” by Matthew del Nevo

New and Notable:

“C. S. Lewis: A Life: Eccentric Genius, Reluctant Prophet” by Alister McGrath (Tyndale House, $24.99) — McGrath, one of the most respected Anglican theologians writing today, turns his attention to the endlessly fascinating figure of C.S. Lewis. Lewis predicted that he would be forgotten within five years of his death in 1963. This biography joins a half dozen others over the past fifty years, and is proof of how wrong even a wise man can be.

“Ireland’s Saint: The Essential Biography of St. Patrick” by J.B. Bury, edited and annotated by Jon Sweeney (Paraclete Press, $9.99) — ‘Tis the season. The author, a giant among historians of ancient Greece and Rome, also wrote a definitive biography of St Patrick. Jon Sweeney has helpfully streamlined the massive original work to create this new version for a new and wider readership.

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