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12/23/2012 12:25 AM

08/08/2014 10:13 AM

•  Penguin Drop Cap series, various authors (Penguin, $22) — Penguin has issued a series of collectible classics from A to Z. For the book lover, the series is a nod to the tradition of printing and the distribution of ideas, stories and opinions, ranging from paper to digital media.

• “Building Stories” by Chris Ware (Pantheon, $50) — Chris Ware’s innovative graphic novel completely changes the meaning of the genre by taking it apart. Packaged like a board game, the book is fourteen separate pamphlets, booklets, and fold-out pages that follow a Chicago triplex through their ordinary lives.

Watermark bestsellers

1. “Pinches and Dashes” by the Junior League of Wichita

2. “The Art of Men (I Prefer Mine al Dente)” by Kirstie Alley

3. “The True Night Before Christmas” by Vanessa and Robert Condreay

4. “Blackbear Bosin: Keeper of the Indian Spirit” by David Simmonds

5. “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost

6. “Dear Life” by Alice Munro

7. “Barefoot Contessa: Foolproof” by Ina Garten

8. “A Christmas Memory” by Truman Capote

9. “The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook” by Deb Perelman

10. “My Ideal Bookshelf” by Thessaly La Force and Jane Mount

Source: Watermark Books & Cafe

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