Final Friday art crawl a project for student filmmakers

04/21/2013 8:58 AM

08/08/2014 10:33 AM

Art will document art Friday night when documentary filmmakers capture the scene of the Final Friday fine art crawl. Students in the documentary class at CityArts will position cameras and microphones as they travel from art gallery to art gallery.

Matt Hrovat, a professional videographer and teacher, helped develop the project for the class.

“Every project that we do is a learning experience,” he said. “You find your vision.”

The four students are at different levels of their craft. Bruce Blank has worked in the industry. Ed Evans has taken classes for years. Morgan Schreiner, a Wichita State University student, is just beginning. And 15-year-old Mariah Hall, a student at Andover Central High School, has worked in the medium since fifth grade.

“I want to be a film producer,” Hall said. “I’ve taken six classes so far.”

The students are digging up facts about the organic event. They are interviewing community members, artists and gallery owners and searching for the roots.

On Friday, each student will take a video camera and move through the maze of galleries. They’ll interview artists, shoot crowd scenes and pick up on the sights and sounds.

“It’s all interesting synchronicity and timing,” Blank said.

The editing stage will last several months to one year.

“We’re cutting between individual interviews and Final Friday clips,” Hrovat said.

“You’re going to have all this wonderful art. There is going to have to be a lot of editing,” he said.

The students are learning how to light the shot, edit and interview. They also are learning how to tell a story.

“It’s interesting how everyone has hopped on board,” Blank said. “It’s come from a lot of different sources.”

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