Social network with community news approach

01/06/2014 12:00 AM

01/03/2014 5:49 PM

Looking for the next big thing in social networking? The free app Circle may be just that.

The fairly new social media app connects its users with others in their area. With categories such as trending, local news, events, sports and nightlife, it appears that the app’s focus is spreading community news.

Whether it’s an update on a local high school hockey game, an invite to an exhibit opening at the art gallery or news about the weather forecast, the app allows its users to share relevant information about their community.

Users can also post questions like, “Are there any parties tonight?” or “Where’s the best place to grab a burger?” Before posting the question, users can select a category for their post.

Although there is a random category, where people can share any random fact or thought, the app encourages users to share useful information about events and news.

Like almost all social media apps, there is the ability to “follow” another user or “circle” them. Once two users are following one another, they will have the ability to message each other.

The difference between this app and most social media apps is a user doesn’t need to follow another user to see her posts on their feed. The feed includes everyone in the area, whether or not a user has followed him.

The only downfall of this app is that it hasn’t caught on in all areas yet. Ideally, the newsfeed would be full of fun events, interesting news, sports scores and local recommendations. The only thing that will solve this problem is more active users. So, download the app and start sharing.

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