October 17, 2013

Neighborhood art show is Saturday

She’s not sure if Riverside makes people feel arty or if arty people are drawn to Riverside.

She’s not sure if Riverside makes people feel arty or if arty people are drawn to Riverside.

But Joann Ryan is sure that the Porter Street Artists & Friends event she and her neighbors started last year has caught on and will very likely congest the 900 block of Porter on Saturday.

The third installment of the event, in which the neighborhood artists and nearby friends gather together to put on an art show and sale, is scheduled for 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday. More than 20 artists will display their wears at five neighboring houses: at 932 Porter, 935 Porter, 941 Porter, 945 Porter and 957 Porter.

The show started last October after a group of neighbors realized they all had artistic hobbies. What if they got together and put on a show?

Ryan decided to stop wondering and start planning. She called a neighborhood meeting, and 10 artists agreed to participate.

“Last October it went amazingly well, and we were just astounded with all the people that showed up and how happy they were that someone was doing this in Riverside,” Ryan said.

When the show was over, Ryan asked participants if they’d like to make it an annual event.

No, they said. They wanted to do the show every six months.

The second installment, in April, drew more than 500 people, Ryan said.

Saturday’s event will be significantly larger than the first two. Not only has the number of participating artists more than doubled, but visitors also can peruse art in and outside of five different houses, which will be marked with colorful signs. The first two events were centered just on Ryan’s house.

Among the items for sale on Saturday will be handmade jewelry, watercolor paintings, pottery, beads, seasonal decor, aprons, bags and re-purposed furniture. Ryan will be selling her “Metal Mamas,” which are garden sculptures she makes out of everyday metal objects.

Riverside Leadership Magnet, the elementary school one block from the artists’ hub, also will be there selling decorated bricks and trick-or-treat bags.

People who visit in the morning can purchase homemade quiches and coffee made by one of the neighbors, and a food truck will be there, too.

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