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Fluoridation in Wichita RSS

Day after victory, Wichita fluoridation opponents vow to work against fluoridation nationally

Feb. 20 at 6:53 a.m.

The day after Wichitans decided to keep their water unfluoridated, the winning side said it would now work to reduce fluoridation in the rest of the state and the country.

Kansas Politics RSS

Advance voting for primary starts Thursday in Sedgwick County

Today at 8:56 a.m.

Advance voting for Tuesday’s primary election begins Thursday at 15 satellite voting centers around Sedgwick County.

Candidate profiles

SG Co. Sheriff: Easter (R), Weinman (D)
SG Commission 2: Norton (D) | Sauceda (R)
Kansas House 83: Bridges (D), Garvey (R)
Kansas House 87: Florquist (D), Kahrs (R), Talbert (L)
Kansas House 89: Banks (R), Houston (D)
Kansas House 92: Dillmore (D), Landwehr (R)
Kansas House 93: Edwards (R), Flaharty (D), Thimesch (I)
Kansas House 96: Lindsey (R), Whipple (D)
Kansas House 98: Flaharty (D), Hermanson (R)
Kansas House 100: Hawkins (R), Willoughby (D)
Kansas House 105: Baston (L), Hicks (D), Hutton (R)
Kansas House 116: Hoffman (R), Wetta (D)
Kansas Senate 25: O'Donnell (R), Snow (D)

Presidential election RSS

State senator pleads not guilty to racketeering

Today at 12:59 p.m.

A California state senator previously charged with bribery has pleaded not guilty to a new charge of racketeering.

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