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Senior Editors

Name/Email Title Work Phone
Steve CoffmanExecutive Editor316-268-6405
Jean HaysInvestigations editor316-268-6557
Michael RoehrmanDeputy editor/digital316-269-6753
Tom ShineDeputy editor/print316-268-6268


Name/Email Title Work Phone
Carrie RengersBusiness blogger/columnist316-268-6340
Jerry SiebenmarkAviation316-268-6576
Dan VoorhisEconomic development, local economy316-268-6577


Name/Email Title Work Phone
Julie MahProducer/Social Media & Digital Audience316-268-6378
Diane McCartneyProducer/Social Media & Digital Audience316-268-6593
Vicki ReynoldsProducer/Social Media & Digital Audience316-268-6529


Name/Email Title Work Phone
Denise NeilEntertainment, dining316-268-6327
Matt RiedlThings to do316-268-6660


Name/Email Title Work Phone
Marcia WertsAssistant metro editor316-269-6762
Katherine BurgessFaith and health 316-268-6400
Stan FingerBreaking news and weather316-268-6437
Bryan HorwathBreaking news316-269-6708
Dion LeflerPolitics and government316-268-6527
Amy Renee LeikerBreaking news and courts316-268-6644
Oliver MorrisonBreaking news316-268-6499
Tim PotterCrime and general assignment316-268-6684
Daniel SalazarCounty government 316-269-6791
Jonathan ShormanKansas government, Topeka bureau785-296-3006
Beccy TannerKansas history, general assignment316-268-6336
Suzanne Perez TobiasFamilies, early childhood, education316-268-6567
Roy WenzlHigher education, general assignment316-268-6219


Name/Email Title Work Phone
Jaime GreenVideo editor316-268-6468
Travis HeyingStaff photographer316-268-6468
Fernando SalazarStaff photographer316-268-6468
Bo RaderSenior photographer316-268-6225


Name/Email Title Work Phone
Phillip BrownleeOpinion editor316-268-6262


Name/Email Title Work Phone
Lynette AbitzFront page designer316-268-6507
Rod PocowatchitFeatures designer316-268-6638
Daniel PrekopaSports designer316-268-6591
Mike SullivanGraphic artist316-268-6588


Name/Email Title Work Phone
Kirk SeminoffSports editor316-268-6278
Tom SealsAssistant sports editor316-268-6362
Taylor EldridgeHigh school sports316-268-6270
Bob LutzSports columnist316-268-6597
Jesse NewellUniversity of Kansas sports
Michael PearceOutdoor writer, photographer316-268-6382
Kellis RobinettKansas State sports
Paul SuellentropWichita State sports316-269-6760

Wichita on Wheels

Name/Email Title Work Phone
Mike BerryReporter, editor