Wheelspin: Offbeat is cool

07/27/2013 12:10 AM

07/27/2013 6:14 AM

In case you hadn’t noticed, I am a fan of offbeat vehicles. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the vehicles that everybody goes for. I do.

But park something kind of oddball in front of me and you have my full, undivided attention. Take this week’s feature “car” for example.

When Bob Schroff called me about this unusual vehicle, I was immediately compelled to follow up on it. I’ll admit it, I am old enough to remember the 1964 World’s Fair. It’s where the Mustang was first unveiled, after all.

I don’t remember seeing images of the Greyhound Escorter, though, which I think I would have recalled, since it looks like a bus stop bench on wheels. To think that one of only three of these vehicles survive and was located right here in Wichita was just too good to pass up.

Getting to see it with the body off and then a couple of weeks later all put together and ready to be shipped off for a role in a Disney movie would have been great. But actually getting to ride on it will be a memory right up there with my rides in a P-51 Mustang and Fifi, the B-29 bomber.

Thanks, Phillip Smith, for saving this unusual machine for all of us to enjoy.

The name game — One of the things I really like about the handful of big car shows that we cover is the fact the cars have cards in the window identifying the owners. It really simplifies things for me, not having to track down who owns what, especially when there are several hundred machines on display.

I can whip out my trusty digital camera, snap a couple of shots of the car and then a quick one of the owner card and I’m good to go. Unless somebody has either failed to fill in the registration card or used some abbreviated nickname that only his buddies recognize.

That drives me nuts. It also lessens the likelihood I’ll use a photo of the car on the Wheels page, since it doesn’t give the car owner credit for the vehicle and it makes it all but impossible for me to contact him or her about the possibility of doing a full-blown feature on the car.

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