Wheelspin: We have our winners

12/08/2012 7:44 AM

12/08/2012 7:45 AM

Congratulations to the winners of our book giveaway contest, Terry Kalp of Valley Center and Mick Wilson of Wichita.

Terry was the first person to correctly identify the framework of my new office clock as coming from a first-generation Ford Econoline pickup or van. He wins a copy of "Rockin’ Garages," which features the garages of various musicians and entertainment personalities.

We had some interesting responses to that one, including Edsel or early Tempest grilles. I actually picked up a pair of the Econoline headlight bezels at the recent Sedgwick Street Rodders Swap Meet at Hutchinson, figuring I could make a couple of clocks out of them if I could just find the right sized clock to fit the headlight opening.

It turns out you can buy exactly the right-sized clock at Walmart for less than $5. So I’m thinking other headlight trim pieces could also make interesting clocks. The Econoline bezel kind of echoes the look of a 1933-34 grille, at least to my way of thinking.

Mick knew that the first production American car engine to produce at least one horsepower per cubic inch wasn’t the ’57 Chevy Corvette 283 with mechanical fuel injection, but the twin-4 barrel Hemi that came in the ’56 Chrysler 300B. That engine produced 355 horsepower from 354 cubic inches of displacement.

We’re sending Mick a copy of "Automotive Mysteries Myths and Rumors Revealed" as his reward.

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries. We just may have to do this again if the bookshelves get too crowded.

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