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Computerized system replaces break-room vending machines

Wichita Vending is taking a page from convenience stores in a bid to change the way people think about eating in the break room.

Liquor, grocery stores face off on allowing wider alcohol sales

More stores than ever — under the name Uncork Kansas — have lined up behind an attempt to allow full-strength beer, wine and liquor to be sold in grocery and convenience stores.

Wichita’s newest QuikTrip, on South Hillside, is bigger, offers more

QuikTrip will roll out its Generation 3 store prototype in Wichita Thursday morning, with the opening of the company’s newest store at 625 S. Hillside.

Chairman’s efforts fail to turn around Sears

When Kmart acquired Sears in 2005, Chairman Edward Lampert said the new company would have the geographic reach and scale to compete with Wal-Mart.

Panda Express lends principles of fast food to dry cleaning

The California entrepreneurs who brought Panda Express Chinese food to malls and airports throughout the country are now betting that Americans will want the same standardization in something a little less tasty — dry cleaning.

City launching downtown retail recruitment plan

The drive to lure new retailers downtown will ramp up after the first of the year, city officials say.

Wichita Sears, Kmart stores escape first round of cuts

Wichita escaped the cut in the first round of Sears and Kmart store closings announced today by the longtime retailer’s management company, Sears Holdings.

Predictions for 2012: Economy moving in a positive direction

A year ago, forecasters called for slow economic improvement in the year to come. We got that, along with an incredibly bumpy ride.

Up to 120 Sears, Kmart stores to close as holiday sales fall short

Sears Holdings Corp. plans to close between 100 and 120 Sears and Kmart stores after poor sales during the holidays, the most crucial time of year for retailers.

Day off, discounts, gift cards encourage Wichita shoppers to head back to stores

Christmas carols were still playing at Towne West Square Monday as stores and people carried the Christmas shopping spirit past the holiday.

Dollar stores aim for holiday-bargain niche

After four years without a job and two years living in a Motel 6 in Inglewood, Calif., Jay Payne is Christmas shopping for the first time in a long while.

Black Friday helps some retailers, hurts others

Black Friday was a record-setter nationally and for some Wichita retailers, according to reports.

From Dillons warehouse to your house

Today is largely a day of rest at the enormous Dillons perishable foods warehouse in Hutchinson.

Lampert plans to remake Sears

Edward Lampert is remaking Sears Holdings Corp. to be quite unlike the department store Americans have known since 1893.

Retailers ready for holiday shoppers

Slightly more money is expected to hit the till in retailers’ cash registers this Christmas season, say national experts and local business owners.

Watch kiosk owner aims for high-end fliers, buyers

PHILADELPHIA — David Boreanaz, Philly guy and star of TV's "Bones," was catching a flight when he stopped at the Time to Fly kiosk in Philadelphia International Airport's Terminal B and bought a watch.

Economic bad news slows spending in October

NEW YORK — Americans were shopping in October, but they were spending at a slower clip than expected as they faced a barrage of bad economic news.

Once-dying Toys R Us on path of resurgence

In the race to sell Transformers, Rock 'N Roll Elmo and Lalaloopsy, Toys R Us knows how to win.

Workers accuse Wal-Mart of bias in new suit

SAN FRANCISCO — Lawyers representing former and current female workers of Wal-Mart Inc.' s California stores on Thursday filed the first of a planned "armada" of class-action lawsuits accusing the retailer of gender bias.

Paying more for insurance

NEW YORK — Wal-Mart Stores, the nation's largest private employer, is scaling back the eligibility of health care coverage offered to future part-timers and raising premiums for many of its full-time workers.

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