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Wichita innovators encouraged to attend Pipeline’s regional event

Kansas has held the stage alone for six years at Pipeline’s Innovator of the Year event, and Wichita has been a key player. Now with Pipeline’s regional expansion it is more important than ever that Wichita attend in significant numbers.

Rob Hendrickson: Resolve to reinvent your retirement plan

As January 1 passes each year, the general public tends to examine itself and take steps toward making the new year more profitable, healthy or happy than the previous one.

Think twice when accessing e-mail at workplace

It is easy to forget the power of “send.”

Earning trust from different personality types

Are you trustworthy?

Business Perspectives: Edward Cross

As domestic energy production continues to be at the center of national attention, some groups continue to oppose oil and natural gas production. What are their reasons?

Mark Vierthaler: Be thankful for Kansas agriculture’s economic power

In 2008, the financial crisis that swept through the country left a tidal wave of financial stress.

Gravitas a quality prized by employers

Remember gravitas?

New job? Commit to conduct, attendance, performance

New on the job? You don’t have 90 days to make an impression. You don’t have a slow ramp-up time. You are expected to hit the ground running.

Rob Hendrickson: Opportunities for successful investments still abound

Woes of the economy have people running scared from their finances. Many look at their money and think “if only I had more to work with…” and then fill in a dream they may never see.

Awards offer unique opportunities for small businesses

Profit Builders Inc. was honored to be one of the recipients of the 2012 Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award.

Unusual workers’ compensation claims offer lessons

A dog, a bear and a canoe trip gone awry might sound like the components of a comedy movie, but they’re actually the basis for separate, unusual and real workers’ compensation claims.

John O’Leary: United Way meets the community’s critical needs

No one works alone. I certainly don’t. I am a firm believer in surrounding yourself with the best people that you can. Call in an outside expert if you need to. But get the best advice you can get.

Expressing political views at work might be risky

As the 2012 political races heat up, just about everyone seems willing to share their opinions on the candidates and issues – whether they’re asked to or not.

Food producers must tell consumers their story

As of Monday, the U.S. Census Bureau’s website estimated that 314,446,599 people live in the United States.

Debunking myths about health care law, speculation

It apparently is human nature to believe highly dubious assertions as long as they reinforce the way we frame public issues.

Post-offer screening can reduce workplace injuries

Workplace injuries affect a company’s bottom line every day.

Marla Marsh: Financial education essential, whatever your age

In a recent Time.com article, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said kids today will be better off financially than their parents if they take personal responsibility and become more financially astute. If they don’t, they will likely face challenges as they grow older.

‘At-will’ disclaimers in employee handbooks could be problematic

Employee handbooks are often invaluable tools for employers.

The middle is where entrepreneurial magic happens

Everyone is enamored with beginnings, be it a new relationship, a new town, a new job – anything that marks the precipice of change. It’s romantic and exciting. It’s the first chapter in a great story that we can’t put down.

Wichita business, educators could learn from OKC academy

I recently visited one of the most outstanding high schools in our area and it left a profound impression on me.

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