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What’s the ‘honesty health’ of your workplace?

That’s a good point! (No it isn’t.)

Family and Medical Leave Act court case has lesson for employers, employees

Employers are prohibited from discriminating against employees who take time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act – the federal law that entitles eligible workers to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family, medical, and military-related reasons.

To earn trust, move beyond your own definitions

Are you trustworthy?

What employers value most in job candidates

Want a job in today’s economy? You may need to think, talk and write better.

Score helps counsel small-business owners

The Wichita Score Chapter (Counselors to America’s Small Business) has accomplished in 2012 what it would like to refer to as an outstanding year in supporting its mission, which is to help small businesses grow and prosper through the willingness of a dedicated group of volunteer counselors who donate their time and business expertise.

Oil and natural gas development a ‘can’t miss’ opportunity

Thanks to more domestic oil and natural gas development, we are becoming more energy independent every day.

Cold’s full effect on Kansas crops yet to be seen

It’s been a mixed bag for producers across Kansas.

Simplicity in government regulation would go long way to aiding small businesses

The challenges facing small business are the greatest I have seen in my lifetime. The National Federation of Independent Business reports in its national survey that some of the top issues are:

Make your next failure a spectacular one

Everybody fails. The question is how. How spectacular is your failure? Here are five qualities of failures that increase their chance of becoming something spectacular.

Practice Earth Day principles throughout the year

It’s the ultimate celebration of Mother Earth – one day, set aside each year in honor of protecting the planet.

Precision agriculture helps farmers save time, money, the land

The popular image of agriculture is the farmer standing out in his field with his bib overalls, straw hat, a rusty old tractor and a piece of wheat straw popped in his mouth at a rakish angle.

Before selling your business, build a transition team

Every privately held business will sell, change owners or close at some point in its life cycle.

Consider personality diversity when recognizing workers

A recent employee recognition survey by a global organization found that 29 percent of the 770 employees surveyed were satisfied with their organization’s recognition efforts.

‘Slacker’ co-workers require finesse

If a recent survey of 549 workers is typical – and I’m sure it is – more than nine out of 10 employees can name at least one co-worker who doesn’t pull his or her weight.

March Madness can sap job productivity, boost morale

As March Madness descends, bringing brackets, pools and hundreds of hours of college basketball coverage, employers would do well to let workers know where they stand – not on the topic of Indiana vs. Duke or Gonzaga vs. Kansas, but on their view toward monitoring sports events at work.

How teams communicate is the best predictor of success, study says

The data is in: How we say something is more important than what we say.

Online background check services aren’t infallible

Don Cameron is a smart job hunter – smart enough to know that something he experienced may affect others, too.

U.S. needs policies that support energy development

With a newly elected Congress and a president beginning his second term, we began a new year with tremendous opportunities to move forward on building our economy and creating jobs for Americans who are looking for work.

More companies creating policies to address workplace romance

The American workplace has changed over the years: Women have steadily joined the workforce, and the average number of hours an American works each week has crept higher.

Winging It: Lessons from a musician

Getting started in a new business venture, most new owners have the same problem.

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