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Fracking and myths of the oil and gas industry

A recent article by Edward Cross, president of the Kansas Oil and Gas Association, suggests that concerns about the safety and environmental threat of hydraulic fracturing are unfounded. (Feb. 19 Wichita Eagle)

Tax provisions critical for American independent oil and natural gas producers

As the American economy continues to struggle for recovery, policymakers and the public need to be aware of the key advantages available to our nation through increased domestic oil and natural gas production.

Hands-on engineering can work before all the lessons learned

Students need the theory before they engineer things, don’t they?

Take these steps to keep holidays drama-free

Ah, the holiday gathering – that time of year when you drive 500 miles to spend one day with people you see once a year.

Web, social media can help small businesses thrive

I don’t need to convince you that a small business must maximize its online presence if it has any hopes of surviving, let alone thriving, in this tough economic climate.

Real leadership begins with one’s self

America has an ample number of leaders, in the workplace and in politics. But unfortunately, what many of these leaders are actually doing is “leadIng.”

Clearing up confusion over exempt workers’ salaries

Exempt employees under the administrative, executive and professional classifications must be paid on a salary basis, which means they get the same salary each week, regardless of how many days or hours they work. Deductions can be made for certain absences, but only as permitted by the salary basis regulation.

Oil, natural gas industry presents economic opportunity

One of the most-watched indicators of our country’s economic health is employment. Through the past several years of slow economic recovery, we know that the oil and natural gas industry has been one of the few bright spots in our economy.

How to solicit helpful feedback from your boss

Your boss gives you a project. You put your heart and soul into it, and deliver what you think is a great finished product. Barely stopping long enough to look at the first paragraph, your boss says, “That’s not quite what I wanted. Make this change and that change, and bring it back to me.”

Fear of failure keeps workers from taking responsibility

A decade ago, motivational speakers trumpeted to ballroom-sized crowds, “Don’t be afraid to fail!” CEOs told their employees to take risks: Be brave! That’s how progress happens.

Agriculture technology advances have helped feed world

Americans have a kind of love-hate relationship with the way their food is produced.

Protect yourself from malware by looking for out-of-context e-mails

As Halloween approaches, it’s only fitting that there be a frightful threat to terrorize your network security and data.

Creating company-wide policies to deal with one problem employee not good management

Problem: Employee is doing something annoying or inappropriate

Bosses, co-workers don’t always want to be ‘friends’

Tread carefully if you want to expand your “friends” list. A recent survey finds that your bosses and co-workers probably don’t want to accept your social-media invitation.

Increased domestic energy production never more important

The current conflict in the Middle East only underscores the need for increased domestic energy production.

To create your masterpiece, you must put in the work

In 1971 – the year I was born – Bob Dylan wrote the lyrics to a song that would one day become an inspiration for me, in the workplace and in life.

Yogi Berra’s malapropisms still hold grains of truth

Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra began his storied baseball career as a catcher with the New York Yankees in 1946. By the time he retired as a player in 1965, he had won the American League Most Valuable Player award three times, led the Yankees to 10 World Series championships and competed in 18 All-Star Games.

Tips for successful action planning

“Never confuse movement with action.” – Ernest Hemingway

Still relying on Windows XP? Days are numbered

The 500 million people around the world who rely on Windows XP may be at risk for security threats as changes to Microsoft policy render the software virtually obsolete.

Obama administration needs to do more on gas prices

Gasoline prices rose in the first half of this year, pushed up by strong increases in world crude oil prices. And while prices have dropped recently, the higher prices paid for fuel hurt American families, many of whom are still dealing with unemployment and stagnant wages.

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